10 Tips for Stress Free and Healthy Business life….
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10 Tips for Stress Free and Healthy Business life….

10 Tips for stress free and healthy business life….

1. Drinking cold glass of water in the morning will wake you up faster than a cup of coffee.

2. Exhaling when your left foot hits the ground can reduce cramps while running.

3. Listening to music while working can increase your running and lifting ability by 15%.

4. The cells in your body react to what your mind says. Negativity actually brings down your immune system.

5. Yawning actually cools down your brain, which in turn relieves stress.

6. Smiling for 60 seconds, no matter how bad your mood is, can release the happy chemicals in your brain and make you feel happy.

7. Always do your important works on Monday. This sets a psychological pattern for rest of the week.

8. Too much stress literally causes the human brain to freeze and shut down temporarily.

9. Memorizing songs is healthy for brain and can improve your mental capacity.

10. By thinking one positive thought every morning , you can make yourself a happier person.

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