11 video editing tools for beginners and professionals
11 tools for video editing

11 video editing tools for beginners and professionals

11 video editing tools for beginners and professionals

Video editing is the groundwork which helps beginners and professionals alike.

Video editing tools and software make creating flawless video easy and fascinating.

Count as many as you can and you will find more video editing tools than that!

Video editing is something everybody needs for so many purposes:

Making video presentations, editing videos of memorable trips, vlogging, editing, mixing/merging videos… …

Video editing increases your chances at successful marketing.

By enhancing the video quality you can ensure that it has an optimum impact on your audience.

In the words of Danie Lane;

“A lot can change in the editing room”

We all use editing of some sort in our everyday life; we use our smartphones to retouch images and add charm to them.

Most phones today come with software enabled with video editing features.

Even so; you will feel the need of using some Video editing tool or other at some point.


For better and impactful videos you need pro editing. Like it or not!

I have compiled a list of 11 Video editing tools that will help you create mesmerising video content.

Without wasting time on writing another paragraph lets learn about them:


  1. GoAnimate



GoAnimate video editing tool



GoAnimate is a cloud-based video editing tool that offers under budget video editing.

DIY lovers will dot for this tool at an instant because it includes a do-it-yourself feature.

This feature allows the user to create dynamic video animations on a meagre budget.

Also; their website provides a 14-day free trial.

Subscribe to this video editing tool; and; you get a full-blown assistance to create, host and download.

GoAnimate comes with a lot of other interesting features :

  • It is cross-platform compatible; which means you can use GoAnimate on whichever OS you prefer.
  • Supports many input and output formats like AVI, MP4, MP3, MKV, DAT, AMV, VCD, WMV and more.
  • The tool lets you create prolific, download animations while consuming little time and effort.
  • It lets you create your own anime characters; and; modulate their voices. Cheers to GoAnime!


GoAnimate tool Pricing



GoAnimate tool pricing



  1. AVS Video Editor

AVS video editing tool



AVS Video Editor is one of the best Video editing tools available now.

If you chose this tool; you may like it as well. Here’s why:

AVS video editor fixes your videos:

Not everybody has a still hand at video recording and shaky videos are not cool enough;

AVS video editor tool nullifies the tremor in shaky videos.

Removing, merging video scenes, rotating the video, cropping it, or, adding special effects;

It is all possible with this editor. You get to choose from over 300 video effects.

Why stop here? You can even add subtitles, menus, audio files and comments to any video.

It renders effortless HD videos:

What do you know about Blu Ray?

Blu ray is the standard of HD video storage. It lets you store up to 13 hours of HD data on the ideal 12 cm disk.


With AVS video editor you get to create HD and ultra HD videos in vivid themes.

AVS video editor is hassle free:

The editor gives you freedom over the choice of video format you use. Name any known format and the editor works well with it!

Want more from it?

Record your own videos via your computer or upload a pre-recorded file.

Running short of time?

Do not worry.

This editor is faster than your hurries;

An integrated cache system helps process videos faster.

It is for Everybody:

From students to professionals AVs video editor has something for Y’all.

Make an amazing slideshow for school, college or work; or;

Share a video on your social network.

Chose from a set of different languages:

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Danish and Russian.


AVS tool pricing



AVS tool pricing



  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe video editing tool



Adobe is like a kin. It has been around for years now.

We already use Adobe Photoshop tool and Adobe PDF reader; and agree that it’s awesome.

Adobe Premiere Pro is yet another awesome tool from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

This video editing tool is a master tool that will create masterpieces!

With Adobe you can enjoy the freedom of viewing as well as creating great videos; with the same tool!

why should you choose Adobe?

Adobe video editor is such a juggler:

It lets you work on multiple projects and switch among them in real time; without lagging.

Learn and grow with Adobe:

Adobe video editor will guide you through the entire editing process;

practice makes everybody perfect.

Adobe Video editor is tolerant:

It takes almost every video format; from all types of input sources:

camera, live recording, saved clips and more…

The only thing it does not tolerate is the infringement of your data.

with Adobe you can always lock your project and let nobody see it until done!

When in Rome act like a Roman:

Adobe video editor makes you feel like a pro;

professional filmmakers use Adobe for creating lifelike films.

You have that power too; only if you use Adobe video editor!

Do you wish to create breathtaking and heart-stirring videos?

That is exactly what Adobe offers.

Incorporate special effects and audio effects that surpass the reality.

The world is with you:

Sharing of awesome content is easier with Adobe.

You can share your content on the cloud or unveil it in social media; whichever way you like it!

Adobe works well with other tools such as Photoshop and After Effects CC.



Adobe tool pricing


Adobe tool pricing



4. Wideo

Wedio video editing tool


wideo is you, lifeguard, if you wish to create stunning videos that will rock at your marketing campaigns.

It offers a fast video creating service wherein; you can create videos in 5 minutes.

This video editing tool has a fast service which makes it popular among most internet users.

Here are the reasons why you can choose Wedio video editor tool:

It’s online:

The wideo video editor tool is an online tool; which lets you create great marketing content. You can download the video in Mp4 format or straight away upload it to your social media accounts.

Soul-mate to SMM:

Yes; you heard it right.

This video editor meets your SMM needs.

It has a vast catalogue of templates to choose from to create perfect marketing videos.

With better videos, you create favourable chances of traffic and lead generation.


Wedio tool pricing



  1. RenderForest


RenderForest Video editing tool



RenderForest is a cloud-based marketing centred video editing tool.

It is not the typical video editor that cuts, trims, rotate and finish!

RenderForest is the right choice for the new age entrepreneurs.

It comes will some great features; which your regular video editor does not provide.

Have you seen the Pixar intro logo?

Would you like to create such animated logo intros for your business?

With RenderForest you can.

Are you fond of FONTS?

With the Kinetic typography feature, you can experiment with styles of your text videos.

some other interesting features of RenderForest are:

RenderForest video editing tool is ambiguous;

It has separate categories for different tiers:

Education; business; music; personal;

So; it helps you create awesome slideshows; intros, outros, product launches and more…

Also; they share a blog which is always fresh and up to date.

You can find reading material of great worth and apply the tricks to your own work. For free!


RenderForest Tool pricing



Renderforest Tool pricing



  1. Viewbix


viewbix video editing tool


Viewbix video editing tool promises powerful video advertising campaigns.

The editor has various attributes to its name;

an impeccable analysis process; which gives you a sure shot over targeted marketing.

With the ease of working on different platforms; you can create impactful videos in minutes.

Viewbix’s design resonates with elaborated marketing needs.

You can share your videos and it is easy as pie.

Some eye-catching features it has are:

Makes satiating videos:

you can embed links, audio files, text files to your video.

Makes high-quality videos and takes inputs from various sources.

Increases probabilities of effective marketing:

With the power to embed CTA in your video, you can increase the chances of converting random visitors into customers.

The built-in analytics feature lets you track the progress of your video marketing campaigns.


Viewbix’s pricing is not disclosed. If you wish to use it, contact the site for price descriptions.


  1. PowToon

Powtoon video editing tool



When you visit the PowToon site; notice their tagline. It reads; ‘make it awesome’

PowToon is an integrated video creating tool.

It specializes in intro videos for spots that will gain you most attention:

Facebook, youtube and other leading social networks.

It makes creating animated videos easier than you could think.

It integrates with various sites and resources

They call it an ecosystem.

It works like an ecosystem; synched and motivated towards a common goal; that’s growth.

PowToon’s power- packed with features:

PowToon is a fraternity:

Significant integrations with both video creation and sharing platforms make it an ace.

You can find useful video animations, download, edit and share them on Facebook or YouTube.

PowToon values your efforts:

The PowToon tools offer chrome and google drive extensions so that you are on the go; always!

They also have a diligent technical support team to help you; in case you get stuck. You also have an access to their amazing tutorial videos.



Powtoon tool pricing


Powtoon tool pricing



  1. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie video editing tool



Apple iMovie tool is a handy tool; it simplifies the editing process.

It is a mobile-friendly tool which lets iPhone users create mesmerising videos.

The best thing about this one is that it provides the smoothest filters so that your videos out-stand.

This video editing tool comes with the chroma key technology.

They call it green screen.

Never heard of it?

Chroma key is a technique that allows foreground objects to appear in a video.

Regardless of whether the objects were present beforehand or not.

So yes; you can place a rainbow or even Victoria falls in the foreground.

The possibilities are endless with iMovie video editing tool:

You can ship your current project to apple devices such as Mac or iPad and continue working.

When done with editing; it is easy to share the videos on popular platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.


iMovie tool comes free with the buy of Mac.


  1. Animaker

Animaker video editing tool


Animaker is yet another video editing tool which; lets you create animated videos.

Not one, two or even a hundred. It has 720 different styles to choose from.

It is the right tool for you if you wish to cut down the gruesome time involved with editing a video.

The process is simple:

Chose> drag> drop> done!

Those who wish to create clean infographics must use Animaker.

Like it or not strong marketing is the only thing that can glorify your business.

Animaker strengthens your marketing with flawless animations.

Pro features of Animaker are:

It is easy to use. call it ABC of video editing.

It renders significant information in interesting whiteboard videos to spread your word.


Animaker tool pricing




Animaker tool pricing



  1. Prezi

Prezi is a video editing tool which helps to create jaw-dropping video presentations.


Prezi video editing tool



With this tool, you can make several versions of a single video.

Slight modifications for the slight differences among the viewers!

Every presentation must be engaging, entertaining and informative at the same time;

That’s what Prezi does.

Some vivacious features of Prezi are:

Prezi lets you play with videos:

With the tool, you can fade-in/ fade-out your videos in a swish.

You can zoom-in/ out and it won’t cause a frown on your forehead.

Prezi is at your comfort:

You can use this tool online as well as offline (as a desktop app)

It works in integration with slack and salesforce so that you never miss out on little things while working on a video.


Prezi tool pricing


Prezi tool pricing


1o. Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer video editing tool


Talking about tools and missing out a Google tool is insane.


Google is everywhere plus; it is fantastic!

Google Web Designer is a no-hassle; coding free video maker.

With this tool you can bring any idea to life; of-course; with a video!

Here are some ultra- cool features of this tool:

With Google Web Designer you can be everywhere:

As it is a GOOGLE tool; it integrates with most of the Google tools like Drive, Adwords etc.

So; with the use of this tool, you can live in your Google whirlpool!

Designing interactive videos has never been simpler but with this tool; you will have it all.

It is simple; yet robust:

This tool creates HTML5 based videos to give you a significant browser compatibility.

If I were to explain this tool in minimal; I’d say; ‘It is the powerhouse of Video editing’


Google web designer is a free online tool.

You can download google web designer beta version and start working.


  1. Filmora

Filmora video editing tool



The Filmora video editing tool is a simplex control.

You get a better hold over editing a video scene-by-scene.

It eliminates the problems associated with editing; no black screens and no times laps allowed!

You can choose from a variety of effects and amplify the beauty of your video.

The features listed below will grab your attention for sure:

No room for flaws:

This tool diminishes the flaws of your video to a point where they cease to exist!

It supports video stabilization; contrast enhances; tilt-shift; audio separation and much more…

Fills the void:

With Filmora, you can fill the black background with blurred images of choice.

Using its Green Screen feature you can add enigmatic foregrounds to your videos.

The split screen and PIP features let you tailor two scenes to create a beauty that lures your viewers.


Filmora tool pricing



Before I leave your company I would like to say that;

There is a lot more to these tools than what I have pictured.

Why so?

Knowing the theory and implementation of that knowledge are different things.

I gave you a glimpse of what these tools can do.

The choice is always yours and as you begin working with any of these tools; you gradually master it.

Persistence is the key success and persistence means trials and errors. A lot of them.

So; best of luck with your trials and errors towards success!


Take out some time and learn about Customer Aquisition tools and Social media marketing tools.

Happy editing!

Happy reading!

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