20 FREE apps/websites that you need to revolutionise your Insta game!

20 FREE apps/websites that you need to revolutionise your Insta game!

Includes apps/websites for analytics, editing, animating videos, #hashtag help, and more!

1. VSCO (app) – Photo editing. I recommend filter HB1 or F2. HB1 is available through the extra filter
options and F2 is in the main filter options.

2. Snapseed (app) – Photo Editing

3. Preview (app) – Draft your feed layout (also shows your existing feed)

4. TFL pro (tags for likes pro app) Create/save custom lists of hashtags, and save them for each
account or niche

5. https://2016bestnine.com/ – Your best 9 posts of 2016.

6. https://linktr.ee/ For adding multiple Links to your insta bio

7. http://hashtagify.me/ For searching for related hashtags

8. https://displaypurposes.com/ For searching for related hashtags

9. http://all-hashtag.com/ Generate 30 related hashtags

10. Analytics for Instagram (app) – Shows how many followers you gain/lose per day/week/month/3

11. Hey Influencers (app) – Find Brands and briefs that you want to work with.

12. https://squarelovin.com/ – Best Posting times, most liked and commented photos, account growth

13. https://websta.me/ Best posting times, most liked and commented pics, top 9 2016 etc

14. Instasnoop (app) – Stalk anyone you want without the risk of liking their pics (we’ve all double
tapped a snap from 2 years ago!)

15. Regram (app) – Great for saving other users’ videos (or photos) to regram. Always regram with

16. https://socialblade.com/ – Free analytics on all social media accounts, ability to compare similar
accounts, measure growth etc

17. http://fameaudit.com/ – Gives good indication whether an account has bought followers in the

18. Prime (app) – Calculates your ideal time to post on Instagram and sends you an optional

19. https://socialrank.com/ – Find your most valuable and most engaged followers.

20. https://www.plotagraphs.com/ – make beautiful moving photos/cinemagraphs with easy and free
animation tools

CREDITS: Vivien Conway

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