A tweak that has made all the difference in your life!

A tweak that has made all the difference in your life!

Adopting the mindset of a creator.

Everything was going wrong.

I quit my job.

Ran out of savings.

Then took a low-paying job as a copywriter.

I bootstrapped down and moved into my Dad’s tiny apartment.

Without much space, we slept in the same room. I spent countless hours reading books to understand why I was failing at life.

I read over one-hundred-and-twenty books that year.

And I learned something beautiful.

Success and happiness parallel how much value we create for others.

The problem was I couldn’t create much value for others. I had no skills. I had no money.

With few options, I began writing for many hours every day.

To focus, I cut out all my time wasted on consuming without purpose.

I stopped…

  • Talking to friends who didn’t help me create value.
  • Opening my Facebook News Feed.
  • Paying attention to politics.
  • Watching T.V. and Netflix.
  • Going out to eat.

First, I wrote on my blog.

As I became a better writer, I contributed to publications.

Eventually, people began to reach out and thank me for impacting their lives.

Everything changed fast for the better.

People recognized and respected my ability to create value.

I left my low-pay copywriting job to work for a cutting-edge software company and moved out of my Dad’s apartment.

More people began to demand my ability to create value.

  • I worked with clients who paid me substantially more than my 9-to-5 job.
  • I wrote a book about the future of marketing.
  • I then took a job as the VP of marketing for an events company spread across five cities.

As of writing, I’m now head of growth for a 50-million-dollar venture capital firm.

I can’t believe it’s been three years since being broke in my Dad’s tiny apartment.

I never forget why my life changed.

So, I continue to wake up with the mindset of a creator.

And I still don’t…

  • Go out to eat.
  • Watch T.V. and Netflix.
  • Pay attention to politics
  • Open my Facebook News Feed.
  • Talk to friends who don’t help me create value.

If your life is not on a successful track, then ask yourself: Am I a consumer or a creator?

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