An interview with The CEO Of Ace The Gram-finalist of New Zealand Social media awards.

An interview with The CEO Of Ace The Gram-finalist of New Zealand Social media awards.

Her company AceTheGram was a finalist of New Zealand Social media awards.

Her innovative approach which aims at “acing the instagram” is helping many of the Self-employed folks reach their target audience on Instagram.

She has also grown her business using Facebook group.

She is an expert of Instagram marketing.

I have had the opportunity to have Vivien Conway Convey, Co-founder of Ace the Gram, interviewed.

I think her tips can help everyone who seeks more
engagement and needs help for acing Instagram marketing.

So here we go;

1. Everyone entrepreneur has a story worth taking a lesson from. We would love to know yours!

Vivien- When taking on any project, be prepared and give yourself time. Hurdles and obstacles will pop up in the strangest of the places. Be ready to overcome them.

2. Instagram has grown more than 500 million users. What do you see in future of Instagram marketing?

Vivien- I think it will be interesting to see how Instagram continues to try and monetize the platform. Eg. Will they start to limit the reach of posts made by businesses (like Facebook)?

Many businesses are still not using Instagram correctly, or using it at all. Because of this, I think we will continue to see an increase in businesses using Instagram as a marketing tool.

3. Tell us about some latest Instagram trends.

Vivien- At the moment, the use of ‘micro-influencers’ is becoming more commonplace as Brands set to really engage with their target audience, rather than only using influencers with the largest follower numbers possible .This strategy often works well alongside campaigns with macro (larger) influencers within the same niche.

4. Instagram’s algorithms are ever changing. How can we increase our engagement as they change?

Vivien- Providing value is, and always will be, number 1 on Instagram. Value can mean different things to different target audiences, eg. excellent photography, humour, selling a lifestyle, a core story etc.

In order to leverage the Instagram algorithm and attract the audience that will be interested in the value that you’re providing, you need to use all strategies available to you. This means consistent posting, using hashtags correctly, engaging with people in your niche, and so on.

The more effort you put in, bigger the rewards. Do what you can, and do well!

5. Your company Ace the gram was a finalist in New Zealand social media awards. How does that feel?

Vivien- It was awesome! We went along and were able to meet some amazing people including influencers in the New Zealand Social Media space.

It was great to be recognized at a National level for the work that we’ve been doing for some of our past clients.

6. Tell us about your collaboration with Tasha Meys.

Vivien- Tash and I are business partners. We met at University whilst studying Food Science.

At the time, Tash was working on an Instagram account as an addition to her Resumé (@tastefullytash) and I was using Insta as a marketing tool for my sportswear brand, @vividsportswearofficial. We work awesomely together and have a lot of fun.

It’s important to have someone you enjoy working with!

7. What are your tips to create some loyal followers in Instagram?

Vivien- Be consistent and provide that value. You have to earn your spot on your followers’ feeds to keep and attract a tribe of loyal followers.

8. Your business is really active in facebook groups. How much do you think facebook groups are important for growing an online business?

Vivien- Our Facebook group, Instagram Growth and Engagement, has been incredible for growing a tribe and creating a personal brand for ourselves.

Not only is it a place for us to provide incredible value, it also gives us the chance to showcase our knowledge to potential consulting clients. Because we are consistently providing actionable info to our group members, we know that when we launch our video course in the coming weeks, we already have a trusting and excited audience that we can offer the product to.

9. Does Instagram marketing have any vulnerabilities/risks you think influencers should be aware of?

Vivien- As an influencer, it’s important to collaborate with brands that share your values and are aligned with your account niche.

Often influencers may be sucked in to free or paid collaborations and by straying from their niche and not adding value for their followers, this can have negative long term effects on an account.

10. Any advice to those who seek large engagement on Instagram?

Vivien- Approach Instagram with long term goals and focus. If you’re only trying to drive traffic to your bio link & are in the fitness, travel, or luxury niches, try automated engagement groups.

11. Any advice for budding entrepreneurs in marketing sector?

Vivien- Figure out how you’re going to deliver exceptional results for clients. Think about how you can separate yourself from the crowd and remember there are endless opportunities in business.

Most importantly, don’t listen to people who doubt your abilities.

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