An interview with World’s Renowned Cryptocurrency Expert – Jeff Lambert

An interview with World’s Renowned Cryptocurrency Expert – Jeff Lambert

Interested in CryptoCurrency ? 

Meet the expert Jeff Lambert 

He established himself as a world-renowned cryptocurrency expert, who has witnessed all its trends since its genesis.

His insights in cryptocurrency, app development and travel business can help you achieve success financial freedom.

His journey and struggles exemplify the sheer spirit of an entrepreneur, and like anyone of us he had been enough through bad things, many of us might have given up facing things that he did.

He kept going, through thick and thins of life.

He established himself as a world renowned cryptocurrency expert, who has witnessed all its trends since its genesis.

His insights in crytocurrency can help you achieve financial freedom.

His journey is worth taking a lesson from.

If you are going through some problems unbearable, his journey would definitely suggest some way to get out it, directly or indirectly.

So here is story of his Jeff Lambert’s life-

Every businessman has a story. You too have started from mediocrity and have made it to this position. How did you start?

Well, from a very young age i was always interested in business and enjoyed bringing my ideas into reality.  I would try them all and see what worked best.  I shined shoes and would mow neighbours lawns and from there i just kept going.  I could never get enough books or information as a kid and still can’t now.  I think it’s extremely important to constantly self-educate yourself with whatever you can find and to keep your mind open to new ideas and opportunities.

Any incidents that taught you the biggest lesson of life and business?

There are several times where people close to me have betrayed me or used me for information, including my own father.  This has taught me to be careful with who i do business with as you never really know a person’s true intentions with you.

This does not mean you can’t trust anyone, but you should be cautious as your life and business are a special gift that you yourself create.  Only you are in control of your own reality and if you let others try to control it then you will eventually lose control of yourself and our own life.

Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow.

Any experiences that have changed your life, that is to say, inspired/ignited you to pursue your dreams?

Probably the biggest experience that changed my life was the birth of my son.  Bringing another person into existence completely changes your mindset and focus in life.  It is no longer just you and what  you want that needs to be taken care of, and you want to make sure that they have everything they need to have a happy and healthy life.  It gives you an extra drive that any parent will know exactly what i’m talking about.  You are able to teach them about the world around them and it is one of the only ways to change the world into a better place.  By putting another good person into it.

You became aware of Bitcoin in 2010 and Ethereum in 2016, your experience with each sounds good so far. What future do you see of it?

From the first time i saw Bitcoin, i knew this would be the future of money.  We are also seeing now with technology like Ethereum that it is far more than a revolution of the financial industry, but of the way things are connected in general.

I believe in the future that Bitcoin will be more of a store of value, it already is.  Transactions are slow and it is a bit like gold where it takes time to find a place to physically sell gold coins, etc.  As far as cryptocurrencies in general go, i see a future where every business and application has its own token.  They won’t necessarily have a monetary use, but they will be exchangeable instantly between each other.

Imagine McDonalds having a token of their own and their being AmeriCoin instead of the US Dollar.  You would pay in AmeriCoin or some other crypto and it would instantly be converted into McDonalds token.  We already have a massive amount of different currencies worldwide, and this would be no different.  The main difference would be in each and every person and business in the world having full control of not only their finances, but in how their business or platform runs through usage tokens.  It really helps with accounting and permissions, which by then will be fully automated by smart contracts.

Can you tell us your biggest success with cryptocurrencies?

One of my biggest successes lately was with a test account i made when i started my online academy teaching people how to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies.  I started it with $675 and quickly grew it to just over $7k in a couple months with altcoins.  I was getting into TenX, AdEx and Verge when they were at rock bottom and just getting discovered and moving from one to the other and doubling up or more each time.  It was a great couple months and since then i took a few grand out to cover expenses and put towards my business.  There is still a good amount in that account which i have now diversified into several ICOs as the market is currently at bargain prices.

And, surely not every trade is successful, what is one of your worst trades or failures?

My biggest failure wasn’t really a trade but it is a story i always tell when people ask.  When i first heard of Ethereum in early 2016 it was only around $5 and i knew right away this was the next big thing.  I told myself i would make sure i took full advantage of it, knowing it would skyrocket in the future and not only be something as a programmer i could develop on, but also set myself financially free with.

I put everything i had into Ethereum and also built several mining machines which ran 24/7.  It was during this time i was also in the process of moving from Germany to Austria and was going through the visa process.  While everything was processing my current visa was expiring and i had to go back to California where i am from for a couple months to wait.  I had had some great success trading Ether and had built up my holdings nicely but needed cash as i couldn’t work in the USA as i would only be there for a couple months, and wasn’t allowed to work in Europe yet.

I started using my Ether to cover my expenses and by the time my visa was ready i didn’t have much left.  Those holdings would be worth over $600k with today’s prices, so it’s something i’ll never forget.

What are the latest bitcoin trends you think everyone should know?

The latest trends are ICOs, Initial Coin Offerings.  This is a new form of crowdfunding and has been massively successful for many companies worldwide.  In fact, there are 10865 tokens right now and there are new ones popping up everyday.  It is really important to know that these tokens do not equal equity in the company and are usually used as a utility.  Meaning they provide some sort of access to the product or service that the company is raising money for.  They make wonderful investments and i own many myself, but it is extremely important to do your own due diligence and research into each one that you are thinking of putting money into.

How much credible and reliable is bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to be used for monetary transactions?

Highly credible and reliable.  In fact, i live completely off of cryptocurrencies and advocate that others do the same as quickly as they can.  I would shy away from holding too much Bitcoin though due to price manipulation.  Personally i hold various tokens from ICOs and find that it performs much better overall.  I can then periodically sell what i need from my portfolio and load my Bitcoin debit card from Bitwala in order to access fiat.

Any cryptocurrency scams you saw in your experience?

There have been many scams that i’ve witnessed during my seven years in the crypto world but one of my favourites that i actually uncovered was the Legends Room ICO.  This was supposed to be a gentlemans club in Las Vegas with a membership token called Legends.  I had been researching them and just found something fishy about their website.  As i began to check out their videos on YouTube i noticed that they were obviously using a greenscreen to act like they were at the actual location when they weren’t.

I went even further and called Vegas from Europe and got someone on the phone.  They could barely answer any questions and sounded really scammy.

I exposed them and shortly after the entire coin nearly went to 0 and they had deleted those videos.

How long have you been in website development business?

I have been creating websites since i was a young boy and built my first web app in 2001 using PHP 3 and MySQL.  I’ve always found the web to be an amazing place as we can literally create any idea we have in our minds and share it instantly with the world.

What are the social media trends in 2017?

I’ve noticed a lot more influencer marketing and people following what young kids are doing online or the lifestyles of the rich and famous.  It is so easy these days to get wrapped up in the lives of other people and to start to want what they have that people forget to look around their own world.  People are becoming more and more connected, but at the same time becoming more and more unconnected in the real world.

Tell us about your Neuschwanstein Castle Tour App? What inspired you to develop it?

I developed the Neuschwanstein Castle Tour App after having given the tour in the real world for six years.  I had founded the tour company in Munich, Germany after only a year of living there as an immigrant from United States (yes, Americans can be immigrants too when it’s not our home land.) and fighting the government for permission to start the business.  After six years i wanted to move on to Austria and start a different business, but i didn’t want the tour itself to die and for the information to live on.  So i developed the app and it remains today the only 5-star rated app for Neuschwanstein Castle and is still #1 on Google Play.

Any advice you would like to give to budding entrepreneurs and businessmen?

Don’t give up, and you have to believe in yourself first, because no one else is going to most of the time.

We are thankful to Jeff for this opportunity.

We hope that Jeff will always keep inspiring us all as he has been, through his persistence and “Never give up” spirit.

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