Another Set of Hacks to Amaze You

Another Set of Hacks to Amaze You

1. You can set Google search as a timer just by typing in start the timer for by the amount of time you want Google to count from.

2. Don’t remember one word in your search term but every other? Just type * in the place of word you don’t know, Google will search the term for you.

3. Jud type the airline and the flight number and Google will give all the information you need for your flight.

4. Want search results from specific site? Type the term you want to search, then site followed by website you want the results from.

5. Just type the term you want to be converted in Google search to get the result in case you don’t have a calculator.

6. Want to play Pac-man? Just type Google Pac-man and then click I am feeling lucky.

7. Just type your package number of the package you want to track to skip direct to the tracking page.

8. Instantly translate a sentence from any language to any other just by typing translate “the sentence you want to translate” to “the language you want to translate it to”

9. If you are in area where you should received signal but you aren’t, switch on the Airplane mode and then switch it on. This will cause your phone to re-register to the networks available.

10. Go to and the name of the artist you want to listen to. Youtube will play an awesome playlist of the artist you have typed.

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