Avoid when finding a start-up

Avoid when finding a start-up

Taking money.

Most startups don’t need money. They need the right

growth strategies.

Unless you have a massive R&D budget (medical devices, scientific research), then asking for money will always hurt you.

It doesn’t take a huge team to create and market a product. It takes a smart team.

A smart team is a team who hustles, finds overlooked opportunities, and uses every chance to create more value for their customers.

Why do you need money to do that?

You don’t.

Don’t believe you can build a software product?

Take Udemy classes.

Don’t believe you can create a sales funnel?

Watch a YouTube video.

Don’t believe you can implement beautiful UX design?

Google how to.

Today, it’s harder than ever to make excuses because information is available at our fingertips.

We live in a time when two second Google searches solve 99% of problems.

Moreover, we can get in touch with anyone we want through using many different channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, email, text, and Twitter.

  • If you want successful mentors, you can have them.
  • If you want to bootstrap your company to profitability, you can do it.

Money for young entrepreneurs is more of a drug than a tool to help accelerate their growth.

Programming, creating traction, and networking only costs your time.

Hence, the time has become a far more valuable resource than money.

So use it well to get what you want out of life.

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