Best growth hacks for Youtube

Best growth hacks for Youtube

1. When you send your channel link to others add “?sub_confirmation=1”, this extension will direct them to your channel with subscription page pop up on the landing page. This will increase your number of subscribers rapidly.

2. If you have multiple videos in your youtube channel, then place them all in a playlist.

When you will send someone a link to your video from your playlist, they will eventually come to your playlist, and your videos will play one by one automatically. This is better than having youtube recommend your videos one by one.

3. At the end of your video include annotations in an “end card”. Your end card is to act as a CTA to you viewers. Give them an opportunity to subscribe, and check out your previous video. (Remember when linking your previous video to use step 2). The only downside to annotations are that it isn’t clickable on mobile.

4. To overcome the limitations of annotations, youtube has got elements which are clickable both on mobile as well as computer.

5. At the end of video say your CTA(Like share, subscribe comment etc). People will not do unless you ask them to.

6. In your description explain your video. Youtube algorithm will rank you higher in the results depending upon description of your video.

7. . In your video description include your subscribe link first with the text: “SUBSCRIBE HERE: link here” along with the link to your last video underneath it.

8. Include all the social networks you want to be found on in the description box.

9. Upload consistently. Set scalable targets and achievable expectations.

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