Burning Myths With Mitaka Di

Burning Myths With Mitaka Di

This is another insightful interview with Mitaka Di, an Instagram expert, fitness expert and an Entrepreneur.
He grew 100k instagram followers in just 40 days.

His suggestions are valuable for all of us who are just like him and seek growth in our businesses!

1. Can you tell me about a couple of the projects you’re currently working on or have worked on in the past?

Currently I am consulting companies on how to grow their Instagram accounts, as well as providing growth services. I am also managing a couple of Telegram groups. Most of my work is now focused on Instagram.

Before I dived into the photo sharing social media platform I used to work as a fitness trainer and coach people in person as well as online. I’ve produced a few fitness courses that I sold on both Udemy and on my own platform.

So in essence from a personal trainer I transitioned into heavy content producer including videos, reviews and articles.

2. Who are some of the remarkable people you connected within the industry who’ve made a memorable impact on you?

Most of the people that I follow have a celebrity status. I look up to people such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. The kind of people that drive the world forward through innovation and out of the box kind of thinking.

However, if I need to refer to people that I met in person, then I would say Greg Plitt (fitness model), Jim Stoppani (fitness professional) and Vincent Dignan (now known as Vin Clancy, a growth hacker).

It is quite hard to find people who are successful, make an impact and yet stay humble. This is especially the case in the marketing industry where everyone is renting a Lambo to sell you the idea of success.

3. How did you get into helping growth marketers/entrepreneurs?

It actually all started when I was coaching people how to train and eat properly to get better results. There‘s that amazing feeling that you get when you help someone and you see the gratitude in their eyes.

I‘ve always said that the ultimate currency in this world is impact.

It‘s not about what you have or what you‘ve achieved, but who you are and how many lives you changed for the better.
I’ve wanted to have greater impact over more people so I started looking for different ways to help. Forums and Q&A sites are probably the best places after the Facebook groups. I’ve started posting answers on Quora and I guess I was doing a good job considering that I’ve gained 6,000 followers within 5 months with just 100 answers. After that I was hooked.

4. What would you say it’s like to be around so many entrepreneurs and ambitious employees working to realize their dreams?

It feels great most of the time. Knowing that you can share your ideas and people won’t look at you as if you are crazy is a great relief. Also you come up with more and better ideas when you discuss your plans with people who have the same vision.

I say most of the time, because there are always those marketers and pseudopreneurs who exaggerate their results and lead people in the wrong direction. But you get that kind of people in any industry so after a while you just see it as part of the game.

5. Was there an “aha moment” where you realized one or two key habits that helped your success?

I think one of the game-changers for me was when I realized that everything is a matter of perception. Good and bad are ideas that we associate certain things with. It’s realizing that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR you.

And once you know that you can turn any situation into your favor, you are paving your road to success. It’s all about having the right attitude about the situation you find yourself in.

6. Can you dive into some of the fundamentals of building a company that growth marketers tend to skip?

I would say that the two most common mistakes growth marketers make is that they are not perseverant enough and they don’t work in a smart way.

Most people jump off from one idea to another because they don’t see results in a ridiculously short period of time. The initial stage is always the hardest and you will see little to no results. It’s after that stage when things start getting off the ground. This is why you need a strong “why” before you start a project.

The second mistake being that a lot of growth hackers do work for the sake of working. We live in an era where if you are not working 24/7 then you are not worthy of success.
The people who win the race are those who used their brains to come up with a better, faster and more efficient method. Not those who are working all the time. Growth hackers should know that best.

7. What are some of the little-known marketing/sales/startup tools that you have seen and like in the space?

Surprisingly I don’t use a massive amount of tools. And when I do, those are rather specific for the niche that I am in as opposed to tools that could be used universally.

A tool that I could recommend to the group is brain.fm (not affiliated with it in any way). One of the first things I do before I start work is hit the play button, put the headphones on and dive into work.

It’s really an amazing app/site. At first I thought it was a gimmick, but the music does help me focus and be more productive, so probably that’s the tool I would recommend checking out.

8. What is a growth hack that surprised you and that you can share with the audience?

It’s not as much as a growth hack as it is common sense, but I would say networking.

This word has been repeated so many times that it has become a cliché. But the truth of the matter is that if you want to succeed (whatever success is to you), you need to network.

We, as human beings, are created to be social and your influence, impact and even financial independence is strongly connected to who you know and how you know them. It all boils down to cooperating with other human beings. Do that and you will be surprised how far you can get.

9. How important is it to find a balance between creating content and marketing it?

It’s pretty important to be honest. Most people dive into creating way too much content and spending too little time marketing it. That’s because most people are not good at marketing.

Eventually what you end up with is a good product that no one buys, because no one knows about it.

As a general rule of thumb I would say spend as much time creating content/products/services as you do marketing them. This way you end up with a great product that is advertised effectively to a wider audience.

10. What habits or routines help you stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the marketing/startup industry?

Facebook Groups. If you are in the right ones you don’t need to look for anything else. The people there usually summarize the info for you or notify you of updates, so you don’t need to dig the information yourself.

It does take some time finding and maybe getting into the right ones, but once you do, it will save you a lot of time and you will stay up to date.

11. How are some recent marketing changes causing you to adjust your strategies?

To be honest with you, the fundamentals of marketing always remain the same.

The way you deliver information and market it may change slightly, but the core is always the same – bring maximum value to a highly targeted audience and then nurture them to become your regular customers.

12. How long have you been active in Quora and why?

I’ve created my account more than a year ago. Quora is still an untapped marketing platform where you can position yourself as an expert and built a massive email list.

If what you write is interesting and/or beneficial in any way Quora will help you get it in front of more eyeballs. So it’s really a win-win situation.

13. Any suggestions for Instagram Growth and marketing?

If I have to name the 2 most effective methods to grow on Instagram that would be producing quality content and getting into as many DM groups as possible.

When you network and connect with accounts in the same niche you significantly increase the exposure of your posts. If your posts are great (they bring value under one form or another), then they will go viral and you will get tons of followers.

It all boils down to having amazing content and then sharing it in DM groups with strong accounts.

14. What would you suggest to those who seek a career in Fitness industry?

The fitness industry is one of the most competitive at the moment. Pretty much anyone with a sixpack (or without one) is a personal trainer. So it’s hard for most people out there to recognize who’s legit and who’s not.

Position yourself as an authority. Know your stuff, explain it in an understandable language and always be willing to help. Some people will never buy from you (even if you offer services for $1), but they may refer people who will.
Also, market yourself. I’ve seen too many personal trainers who are experts in their field, but they have a hard time attracting clients. The opposite is also true – tons of incompetent people who know nothing about fitness, but marketing themselves as experts.

Know your stuff and market yourself properly.
As simple as that!

15. How do you keep up with the ever-changing instagram algorithms?

I run tests pretty much all the time and then analyze the data. Instagram is constantly doing updates, so it’s important to keep up if you want to grow fast.

Forums and Facebook groups are usually the best places to check for more info because the community shares their experiences. Even if they don’t provide amazing help, they might trigger an idea that will help you overcome a certain obstacle.

But before anything else – always be testing. This is the only way to get the winning combination… until IG makes an update and you start the cycle again.

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