Acquiring customers is everywhere nowadays. In every field you need the support of users to acquire the desired results and to make your product/services one of the best ones.

Know your niche and use it as a tool to drive more traffic. Let it be a mission which will help your business grow.

These are the growth hacking tools. They will simply upgrade your product/services and hence will upgrade the business.

Getting a hold onto creative techniques and ideas will definitely tweak up your business a bit. Get those novel ideas out of your head and use them to attract customers.

It will increase the clicks and sign ups and will automatically increase leads and traffic on your websites and content.

There are various categories :

A – Search Engine Optimization

B – Email Marketing

C – Conversion Rate Optimization

D – Web Analytics

Let’s start with the first category-


Seo is the optimization technique which helps to rank your content or website higher and better than others. It also helps to get the desired keywords and descriptions entered or needed by the users to come at the top level. Whatever you search on google and the ones appearing at the top most levels are the ones which are well optimized by SEO.

Read our – A Guide To Customer Acquisition for getting the better outlook and frame of the process.

It helps to make your content optimized in such a way that will drive traffic on your website which will definitely increase the conversion rates. Improves content visibility and readability.

1. MozBar – Chrome and Firefox SEO toolbar 

MozBar(SEO) – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – Knowing what the people are searching for is what helps you to understand them.

This tool helps you to find the right keywords in your content and websites by searching for the most used and appropriate words. It helps in creating high quality content and creates a list of them to choose from.

It perfectly tracks your ranking for keywords and even finds the competition. It provides a search visibility score to help you understand and get the clear picture of how to look for the ranking of your keyword.

It gives you proper relief by not going for the difficult task of creating tiring spreadsheets. Not even by giving you the best methods to drive qualified website traffic.

Provides a Site Crawler that searches through your content for issues that are hard to spot. It even gives you alerts so you can find them first and aim them fast.

Helps you find links and maximizes the use of the already used ones. Uses proprietary metrics like Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Spam Score.




PRICING(Pay Yearly, save 20%)


2. Google Analytics – Web Analytics and Reporting tool

Google Analytics – Customer Acquisition Tools


DESCRIPTION – It provides its services to everyone with their accounts on google.

It checks what is and isn’t working when the users click on your websites or contents, when they view ads, emails, sales team or visit your sites.

It has introduced the Google Analytics 360 Suite which has set of integrated data and marketing analytics products for marketers.

It tracks and reports websites traffic. It is widely used over the net and shows information about the content and traffic sources.

PRICINGIt is a free tool.


3. Ahrefs – Site explorer & backlink checker

Ahrefs – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – It is the best tool for link builders and affiliate marketers. It helps them to know and understand what they are lacking and what they have that others don’t which will help them grow their business.

It has a feature which provides you with an organic search report. Which will help you know about the keywords used by various people to rank their websites. Which brings traffic and increases conversion rate. The name of this feature is competitive analysis.

Another feature it has is content marketing. This feature will tell you which content you presented the best to the users. It will tell the ratings and ranking of the best work of yours, so you can understand the basic interest of the users. Work on it rather than the extra and less useful ones.

Backlink reasearch on ahref  has the provision of the huge and wide ranging link profiles on the web.

Keyword research on Ahref creates the most powerful and useful keyword store house. It presents with the best options and suggestions of the keywords most helpful in your niche.


Ahref – Customer Acquisition Tools


4. Screaming Frog – Search engine optimisation& marketing

Ahref – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – This tool is a website crawler which helps to analyse onsite SEO by allowing to crawl websites’ URLs and get the onsite elements.

It has a SEO Spider Tool that allows to crawl both small and huge websites in a well organised manner. This ability of the tool helps in examining the results in real-time.

It collects the data to let SEO make informed decisions. It includes some of the uses like – Audit Redirects, Analyse page Titles and Meta Data, Extract Data With XPath, General XML Sitemaps etc.




Get a better idea about the SEO usage on your websites by reading Some common SEO Mistakes that you have been Making throughout your Journey.


5. Majestic SEO – Backlink checker & site explorer

Majestic SEO – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – It is the best tool to examine and go through your competitors work. It will show you the information of any URL/Domain to the deepest of it’s knowledge.

Everything about the keywords, the content and your sites’ link profile will be known after using this tool. 

It is for SEO Professionals, Media Analysts, Entrepreneurs and Developers.

It is considered as the largest link Intelligence database of the planet by the people.


PRICING(1 month)


PRICING(12 months)



Email Marketing is a tough job as you have to take care of a huge amount of email addresses. Looking after the list of people who are sending the response and understanding the proper needs of the customers is very essential.

Email Marketing tools are helpful in these cases. It makes all the listing and collection of email data/work a lot easier.

Helps in understanding the specified solutions by sending and tracking email newsletters. It controls and organizes all the emails and monitors email marketing efforts all in a single space.

1. Mailchimp – Send better email

Mailchimp – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – Mailchimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform.

It is the best email marketing tool to represent your content and market it through emails.

Works for both, from small e-commerce shops to huge online retailers by finding their audience. Engage with the customers and by building their brand.

Helps to create good level of email marketing campaigns.




Importance of Welcome Email and How to write a perfect copy. [BONUS INCLUDE


2. AWeber – Email marketing services & software solutions for small businesses

AWeber – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – It is an email marketing and automation platform.

It helps a massive scale of small business and entrepreneurs in growing their customers.

Set up an automated email series to engage your subscribers at the right time. Promotes your product with one-time broadcast emails, like newsletters and promos.

Saves a lot of time and creates templates with responsive emails. It finds the audience, builds a relationship and sell your products.






3. iContactPro– Email marketing services

iContact – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – Get a hold on to your business and a few more after using this tool.

Creates emails in a very short duration and is the easiest one to form templates, both on desktop and mobile phones.

It has the ability to turn the customers into repeat customers with it’s intuitive marketing automation.

It believes in saving time and money by using the high level features only and ignoring the provision of useless and unpopular ones. It helps them to get to know the customers better and providing them with best results.

Provides an organised form of work flow to automatically send emails to the pertinent deals to the right people.

It offers individual workflows by providing a premier services team. It has the perfect knowledge about your likes, interest and dislikes and knows what will make your digital marketing a success.

It allows you to target subscribers in a highly personalized manner. With individualized workflows that place the right content at the right time to the right customer. Which will let you call or contact the person immediately so you can discuss about your plans and decisions. So, you can create campaign plans accordingly send emails in seconds.

It holds a variety of features together like attractive landing pages, sales and social media integrations, analytics and many more.

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4. GetResponse – Email marketing software & autoresponder

GetResponse – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – The email marketing service which is quite easy to use. It designs and sends you the emails which looks better than any other on any device.

Has a marketing solutions-Webinar which helps in increasing conversion rates.

Has the ability to create best high conversion inducing landing pages.

Understands the users’ behavior precisely and uses it to give them to fulfill the specified requirements.

It’s super easy to set things up and has a super fast UI.

Creates beautiful emails and autoresponders and offers unique delivery tools.






PRICING(24 months)


5. OutreachPlus

OutreachPlus – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – It allows you to efficiently run and manage your affiliate email outreach campaigns. It allows you to send personalized automative responding emails.

Few of its powerful feature includes email tracking, automated replies, smarter follow ups, and more.

It has the ability to add a number of email accounts and look after the campaigns from an inbox.

You need backlinks, you have to have this tool for connecting with influencers, building authority, and generating traffic.





Growth Hacking Marketing Services


6. Constant Contact – Email, Event & Social Marketing Toolkit

CONSTANT CONTACT – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – Constant Contact creates and shares professional looking emails with the help of easy to use built-in templates for emails.

It offers a user-friendly editor for organizing your campaigns and google analytics integration.

You can create signup forms and import Gmail and Outlook contacts.

It has two features, one is a cost-effective solution that it provides for small business and startups. The expenditure is based on the list of contacts you have.

It offers live access to live webinars, classes, and day-long courses to every user regardless of the plans they opted for.

Second feature is related to expanding your functionality. Let’s you contact with people through live events and manages all valuable lead sources from a single dashboard.




C. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is the system which helps in increasing conversion rate i.e. increasing the number of visitors on your website or web page. This helps in converting the visitors into customers.

It aims to find optimal design through a/b testing and get variety of options to choose the best one from.

1. Crazy Egg – Visualize where your visitors click

Crazy Egg – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – Crazy Egg is the tool which helps you to find and see what the user is doing. It presents you with the number of clicks, scrolls, sign ups and all the behavior they show on the website or web page.

This will help you in understanding customer’s interests and what exactly they are looking for on your website.

Which area or part is most viewed and which content is getting more famous. This certainly gives you the idea about the likes of the users and helps you create exactly the thing they want.

It increases conversion rates by getting more views and visitors.

Implementation is very easy with this tool.

PRICING – It’s a free tool but the prices may depend on your work.


Crazy Egg helps you track clicks, scrolls, and button overlays to give you a concise understanding of visitor behavior.


2. Unbounce – Build, publish & A/B test landing pages without I.T.

Unbounce – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – Uses A/B Testing to integrate all your analytics, email marketing and SEO tools together.

You want to attract customers, the best and the first way to do so is to create dashing landing pages.

Unbounce works perfectly as the best landing page builder . Saves quite a time by easily building high quality landing pages.

It has an easy drag-and-drop feature. Through this you can easily put anything anywhere without the knowledge of even a bit of code.

A number of templates are given to choose from and works great with email marketing tools.






3. Visual Website Optimizer – A/B testing software for marketers

Visual Website Optimizer – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – It’s one of the best landing pages tool for newbies. All you need to do is create an account and start working on it just by telling the tol all the basic needs required to optimize your page.

It will ask you the level of optimization you need and will give you the exact result.

Testing on various possibilities to chose your optimization goal, getting the feedback and knowing your niche to get the target users is this tool’s basic work process.


PRICING(Conversion Optimization Platform)




4-Unbounce Exchange

BOUNCX – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – A growth hacking tool with the provision of behavioral automation technology. This tool stands high for its low bounce rate and high rate on site.

It provides a special solution by giving you the data who’s is leaving the site and what is making them stay.

Via a patented exit intent technology that tracks how and when users leave your website. Bounce Exchange offers an output which lets your users stay on the site for a long time hence,  increasing conversion.

PRICING – For the pricing you need to contact the Sales Team.


5. Optimizely – A/B testing software you’ll actually use

Optimizely – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – Optimizely is one of the best tool considered for creating the best landing pages. Offers split testing to have the best one to work on.

It is the collection of all the CRO goodies like engagement, clicks and sign up tracking. If you created a page from scratch, it’s a good tool for split A/B testing.

If you wish to test multiple changes this is the tool for you.




6. Google Analytics Content Experiments – The A/B/Nmodel of testing from Google

Google Analytics – Customer Tool


DESCRIPTION – This simply tests the best output of every possible events on your website gone through by the customers.

It perfectly visits all the things done by the visitors and users on your website.

Using Google Analytics you have every option possible for landing pages or contents that you would like to choose from.

Test every version of your page and use the best one selected by the customers.

You can test up to 10 variations of a landing page. Content experiments uses a different approach than A/B Testing.

It uses an A/B/N model. You’re not testing various combinations of components on a single page as in multivariate testing.

Instead, you are testing up to 10 full versions of  single page

each delivered to users from a separate URL.

PRICING – It is a free tool.


7. OptinMonster

OptinMonster – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – It tests the success of your campaigns by testing which message worked as a master stroke.

Use the OptinMonster’s built in A/B testing to work on it and get the exact output.

By using the A/B test procedure and automatically collecting the conversion analytics of all the campaigns, you’ll be able to

1-Understand which works best for you

2-Which works best for the users

3-Will help you increase conversion rates by only using the best messages/campaigns.







DESCRIPTION – This tool offers testing of a number of hypotheses at once, providing real-time reporting and site-speed analyses.

It can be used for a various amount of reasons and to transform blog posts on the landing pages into email marketing.

One simple way to drive traffic using this tool is to use the bar and an attractive call-to-action.

There is no need to edit the copy of the page, you can use the bar to quickly offer a product or service discount on a sales landing page.

It’s not a landing page builder as it is a direct opt-in lead gen tool.






D. Web Analytics

Web Analytics includes assessing and improving the effectiveness of a website. It help you track data across various channels, giving you insights into the way customers are interacting with your site.

It’s the way of collecting, organizing and reporting of web data to optimize the web pages. It’s not used to drive traffic but to improve your website’s impact.

It tests and checks how new advertising campaigns and changes affect the behavior of customers and users.

Many of these tools even provide real-time feedback, so you can observe and implement changes immediately!


1. Google Analytics – Act on your insights

Google Analytics – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – It has a world of itself in it. It provides every information possible about your website.

All the information can include SEO optimization and eventhe change in conversion rates.

It has a number of powerful features in it. It is used best to know what the customers are doing on your website, and which part is getting more clicks and shares.

It helps you understand customer behavior in a detailed manner.

PRICING – It’s free.


2. KISSmetrics – Marketing attribution & customer tracking across multiple devices

Kissmetrics – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – Kissmetrics is used to target various groups of particular customers at any point in the marketing funnel.

It shows people the right direction by tracking, analysing and optimizing the digital marketing performance. Sends automated behavioral engagements at the perfect time.






3. Woopra – Real-time Customer Analytics

Woopra – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – It’s a web tracking and analysis application tool that tracks the users’emails, mobile activity, forms and a lot more.

It stores all of this in a single place using customer analytics.





4. Clicky – Real Time Web Analytics

Clicky – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – Clicky is a complete web analytics tool that provides you to see everything about the traffic you are getting on your website. The combination that it provides is of history events and the real-time website monitoring.

To know your customer you need to use this tool and it will help in getting leads.




5. Lead Crunch

Lead Crunch – Customer Acquisition Tool


DESCRIPTION – Lead Crunch searches for the best customers whom they call “Smart Personas”.

They then engage the similar ones and create permission based leads. It’s provisions includes measuring the time difference between which the prospects connect with the content.

PRICING – For the Pricing you need to contact the Sales team.



All these tools mentioned above are assets to drive traffic and increase conversions. You need a number of tools to optimize your website and content. These kind of tools are present in every form and way there is.

These tools are for customer acquisition and you can search for the tools available for any field in the process of optimization.

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