Customer Feedback made easy: Feedback tools and survey tools

Customer Feedback made easy: Feedback tools and survey tools

Customer Feedback made easy:

A list of Feedback tools and survey Platforms


customer feedback tools and survey tools make a significant difference.

Customer feedback is crucial for existence and expansion of a business.

The need for innovation is the outcome of human nature:

A constant urge for better!

Customer feedback is the need of the time; believe it or not!

Customer feedback is the information that comes straight from the customer’s end.


Feedback is what the customers feel about a product.

Seeking feedback is an act of humility and it takes the business a long way ahead.

Feedback is what helps a company to fix the kinks in their services or products; and;

If an existing service is excellent;

feedbacks only contribute to its smooth functioning.


It is always great to hear good words in the cohesive world we are living!


Over the years; the world has changed; so has the market.

Feedback is more important than ever.


Let’s go through a case study here:


Nestle is a renowned brand and if you are an Indian you know what Maggie is.

On 5 June 2015, FSSAI asked Nestle to recall Maggi noodles from the market.

This caused severe losses to Nestle.

The company had to retreat 38,000 tonnes of Maggie noodles and burn it into ashes.

Other companies took significant advantage of this opportunity.

It was during this time when ITC’s Yippie noddles found its true place in the market.

The brand gave people a good reason:

there was no lead in the noodles unlike Maggie;

they claimed!

This is what I am talking about:

Take care of the market; and; the market will take care of your business.

Simple law of equilibrium: balance it!

If you do not consider feedback issues you will perish and someone else will cash in.

I hope I was able to break a sweat on your gorgeous head.

That’s the need.

You’ve got to feel the load of nasty feedback from finicky customers.

That’s how you improve.

That’s how it works!

In this blog; I have enlisted customer feedback tools.

Tools that will help you generate feedback on products and services.

This list is simple as I have put tools in their right categories;

Voice of customer tools

Voice of customer tools assist in-depth analysis of customers’ needs and wants.

These tools help generate in- the- moment feedback about products and services.

You can use these VoC tools to derive valuable customer feedback:

1) InMoment:

InMoment: Voice of customer tool

The core:

The core of InMoment customer experience optimization platform is customer experience analytics.

The company has a suite of Voice of customer tools which are apt for the customer as well as employee feedback.


  • Provides omnichannel feedback solutions: voice, text and video.
  • The knowledge provided by InMoment is an amalgam of customer feedback and data from vivid sources.
  • Uses advanced analytics to deduce the rationale of information from sources like CRM.
  • Helps change raw information into actionable intelligence.
  • InMoment sends real-time alerts to keep you notified of CX progress.
  • It provides feedback collection with occurrence management.

The Gest:

InMoment provides industry-specific solutions which improve the CX scores.

With InMoments tailor-made suits you can derive meaningful information. It is an effective and fast platform which analyses a multitude of sources at any moment.


The prices of suits and packages are not discussed on the website.

If you wish to avail InMomment’s services; you will have to contact

their sales team.

2) Clarabridge

Clarabridge: voice of Customer tool.

The core:

The core of Clarabridge customer experience management platform is natural language processing (NLP)

The platform keeps all the VOC channels ibid.


  • Clarabridge uses linguistic and statistical analysis to analyse the data acquired.
  • The data can be filtered with ease to optimize the customer experience.
  •  This customer feedback platform provides deep analysis of social media.

This feature is significant as it gives a thorough report on what people say about you or your company.

  •  Clarabridge’s social media reporting tools work excellently.
  •    It captures any mention of your brand on the social media channels.
  •    With Clarabride, you can design custom customer feedback process and optimize your CX.
  •    It monitors your inbox, you will receive a notification upon the mention of your brand in a social channel.
  •    It has a global language support; which lets you read and interpret mentions in over 160 languages.

The Gest:

Clarabridge lets you design, tool, optimize and track your Customer experience management program.

It uses sentiment and emotional analytics to optimize the CEM.


The prices are not mentioned on the website.

You may contact their sales team for plans and prices!

3. Qualtrics

Qualtrics: Voice of Customer tool

The Core:

The core of Qualtrics experience management is research and flexibility.

It is well equipped for serving big as well as small businesses alike.


  • Qualtrics has an optimized tool specific for all important aspects of a business:

customer; employee; brand; and; product.

  • You can set benchmarks and track the progress Your programs optimization:

The benchmarks can be company versus competitor; or; demography A versus Demography B.

  • With qualtrics; you can conduct complex academic researchers and consumer surveys with pro-ease.

The platform also offers the choice of product testing and advertising; never miss the mark!

  • Users have an access to their personal role-based dashboards.
    This is management made simple and accessible.
  • A user can upload and download information from almost anywhere.

The Gest:

Qualtrics is the hub where you can collect and analyze customer feedback.

Its intelligent analytics protocol helps you convert feedback into actions.

Qualtrics experience management platform has solutions for complex consumer emotion analysis.


Create an account for free and get started with your feedback module.

However; you will have to pay for the premium version.


4. Feedbackify

Feedbackify: Voice of Customer tool.

The Core:

The core of Feedbackify is the virtue of collecting unbiased feedback; true to type.


  • Feedbackify allows its users to create custom feedback forms.
  • It is a simple process; you can drag and drop feedback categories to your form.
  • Adding your company’s logo to the form is also an easy thing to do; drag and drop!
  • The platform provides two different options to deploy the feedback program:

Single tab configuration or; HTML text-based launch of the feedback form.

The platform allows you to view all your feedback in a single dashboard.

  • Along with feedback; you also have an access to the details of the feedback:

geographical location; browser; OS; screen size.

  • Feedback filters make placing and handling feedback a smooth affair.

The Gest:

Feedbackify is a simple platform; where you can custom- create feedback forms.


Feedbackify: Pricing

5. Kampyle

Kampyle: Voice of Customer tool.

The Core:

Kampyle’s core is its state-of-art feedback solutions for digital enterprises.


  • Kampyle feedback platform assists eCommerce and digital enterprises to improve their values.
  • It has an ISO certification for its security standards.
  • Kamplye is a platform that gives you a freedom of selection:

You own the freedom to select which forms should pop up to which user.

  • It uses real-time profiling and segmentation to gain insights into customers’ voice.
  • This enables the platform to engage with the right customer at right time to get optimal feedback.
  • Offers mobile versions of various tools like Nebula CX; to help you manage your feedbacks from anywhere.

The Gest:

Kampyle offers dynamic customer experience.

With enterprise-class integrations, it promises a deeper CX insight.


Okay, another tool with no pricing listed on the website.

Contact their sales team if you wish to use Kampyle.

6. OpinionLab

OpinionLab: Voice of Customer tool.

The Core:

Focuses on turning VOC feedbacks into a competitive advantage.

The platform dedicates itself to feedback services.


  • It started out as a company focused on website feedback but this focus is now broader.
  • Their iconic [+] feedback tab helps a user read customers’ minds.
  • It gives the customer the freedom to give a feedback any time. At every interaction with you, anywhere.
  • OpinionLab applies deep market understanding to help you engage with your customers.
  • Prolific innovation helps throughout the cross-channel customer journey.
  • It renders real-time solutions.
  • Based on the customer feedback and the context you need to respond at the same time; you can take the required action.
  • This platform empowers your CX by identifying key trends and issues.

The Gest:

OpinionLab offers whole automated CX.

This helps you target better customers for increased sales and give a lifetime value to your brand.


After a Demo or Signup, the sales team will provide you with the Pricing details.

7) Mopinion

Mopinion: Voice Of Customer tool


The Core:

Sometimes it seems easier to climb uphill than to get downhill.

In a similar manner it is easy to generate feedback; but; it is one herculean task to make sense out of it.

Mopinion does the exact same.

Its core is that it derives actionable sense out of a maze of feedback that you will receive at business.


  • The platform allows the user to take in-depth insights of the feedbacks generated.
  • It analyses opportunities for the user, based on the received feedback.
  • It provides the user with a clean and manageable dashboard.
  • This helps to keep records of the achievements and make new actionable plans.
  • It offers optimum tools for website and mobile application feedback.
  • It is capable of analysing open texts from around the social media platforms.
  • The possibilities of placing the feedback form on a customers screen are one too many.
  • You can choose from different styles and designs.
  • Allow users to select page elements that they want to provide feedback on.
  • The platform is such a charmer; Each feedback trail comes with significant information:

Page metadata, device type, screen size etc.

The Gest:

Mopinion offers users with deep insight of opinions, it makes use of cookies to send targeted feedback pop up forms.


Mopinion pricing: Monthly.


Mopinion pricing: Monthly.

Survey Tools

A survey is a slightly different affair than generating feedback.

While; feedback is the compilation of a consumer’s overall experience with a product or service;

brands and businesses carry out surveys to recognize the popular consent of people.

Surveys revolve around a focal point, and that is a research question.


A survey performed with a section of people gives out an information.

The information retrieved from a survey is a reference point to a larger public in general.

Along the years; surveys have become simpler; as the questionnaires are becoming shorter.

Shorter questionnaire means a hassle free experience for a respondent.

A hassle-free survey experience is necessary to get the public into the habit of taking surveys.


Below is a list of platforms which offer tools to bring about meaningful surveys:

 1. Typeform

Typeform: Survey platform.

The Core:

The core of Typeform is transforming the survey experience and elevate it to a pleasant experience.

The Features:

  • Provides a user-friendly platform
  • The survey conduction is a simple and hassle-free process; with Typeform.
  • The flow of the form is really smooth; transitions from one question to next are fast.
  • With Typeform making survey forms is super easy. Start typing; as you would do on a notepad; and; the software will give logical questions for your survey.
  • There are many possibilities; when using this platform: You can create online shopping stores, employee feedback, promo quizzes and lots more!

The Gest:

Typeform is the most versatile feedback platform; it makes feedback process easy as ABC!


Typeform pricing: Monthly.


Typeform Pricing: Yearly.

2. Survicate

Survicate: Survey Platform

The Core:

Survicate is a wholesome survey platform. Its core is the fact that Survicate is always by the side of its users.


  • You can trigger targeted surveys at different locations on your website.
  • You can also send targeted questionnaires via emails; using survicate.
  • You will have an access to a world-class customer success team and gain a partner that is there every step of the way.
  • It lets you Monitor and optimize customer satisfaction at all relevant interaction points:

from purchase to onboarding to post service request and more.

  • It is a one-stop platform wherein; you can enhance your CX scores by many folds.

The Gest:

It is an excellent platform for product development and website optimisation.


Survicate: Pricing.

3) SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey: Survey Platform.

The Core:

SurveyMonkey is a survey platform and its core lies in the fact that more is better.

You have so much more with SurveyMonkey! More styles and question formats, more answers and more convenience!


  • With this survey platform, you can design simple yet powerful surveys. Get event feedbacks or sophisticated market research; hassle- free!
  • Sharing of survey results with your team is a crucial aspect which the platform facilitates.
  • SurveyMonkey Enterprise ensures your data is safe and secure so you can rest easy.
  • The platform gives you a privilege: connecting the survey data to your critical business systems like Salesforce or Marketo.
  • The data you acquire from your customers can sometimes be crucial and personal;
  • SurveyMonkey keeps all your data secure.

The Gest:

SurveyMonkey is the right platform which supports business growth with everything it does.



SurveyMonkey: Pricing.


SurveyMonkey: Pricing

4) SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo: Survey Platform.

The Core:

The core of Surveygizmo survey collection platform is dedicated to deriving meaningful surveys.

A gizmo is a small device that serves a specific function.

SurveyGizmo indeed is an entire dedicated platform.

The Features:

  •    SurveyGizmo provides a platform for both individual users as well as Enterprises.
  •  The platform provides you with state-of-art resources:

E-books, blogs, case studies; which help you to understand the principle and rationale of feedback systems.

  • Apart from giving insights of customers’ behaviour; the platform helps you asses your customers.
  •  It provides a manageable user interface.
  • SurveyGizmo serves as a data tool.
  •  The software platform has survey modules for various industries:

Compliance, non-profit, data -analysis, education and, government.

The Gest:

SurveyGizmo is like SurveyMonkey in many ways;

what sets it apart is that it is more attractive on the part of how the survey itself looks!


SurveyGizmo has an uber-flexible pricing.

It depends on the services you avail.

5) PollDaddy

PollDaddy: Survey Platform.

The Core:

The core of PollDady survey platform is the ease that it offers.

It’s working is smooth as fine silk!


  • Helps you create surveys that coincide with your brand vision.
  • PollDaddy does not set a limit on content creation or votes!
  • The survey platform allows you to create easy-to-read reports; driven by consumer surveys.
  • Collection of responses is workable through various channels: your website, e-mail, your iOS device, or via social media accounts.
  • Data filtering is another cool feature of this platform.
  • You can export the filtered data to google docs, drive, PDF and others!
  • Add HTML videos and images to your surveys and make them interesting!
  • A mobile application of PollDaddy is also available; stay in touch with your feedback module anywhere, anytime!

The Gest:

PollDaddy is the simplex control of customer survey.

It will make you feel like the boss, for real!


PollDaddy Pricing: Monthly.


PollDaddy Pricing: Yearly.


I hope you folks contemplate the significance of customer feedback.


You better do my friend!
How do I explain this to you?
If you want to walk fast; walk alone.
But; if you want to make miles and miles;
walk with someone.
Got it?
Customer feedback is that “someone”.
“A happy customer will give a great feedback;
an unhappy customer is a reason for improvement”
Also, take pride in who you are;
You are one of a kind; so is Growth hack World!
See you again beautiful people!
Summary: Customer Feedback and survey tools





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