Don’t you screw your app business!

Don’t you screw your app business!

Imagine yourself a handsome and rich guy(Even if you are not) and apps are beautiful girls lined up for ya.

You are dating a girl

She is beautiful.

She sits next to you.

She is utterly hot.

She is interested in you.

She wants to speak.

She wants to be with you.

You aren’t desperate.

There are other divas lined up for you.

She opens her mouth, but the words don’t come out.

However, she speaks.

“A saudade of a Tuqburni drove me here.
I can feel retrouvailles.
Onsra bother me no more”.

You are dumbstruck.

You didn’t want to date someone that seem from planet Zog.
Would you love to use an app seems too complicated to sign-up?

Appearance matters till you download.



Simplicity is the best sophistication-Leonardo Da Vinci

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