Early symbols that the startup is going to fail

Early symbols that the startup is going to fail

On a long enough timeline almost every startup should succeed.

Here are the three ridiculously simple steps for startup success:

  1. Learn
  2. Pivot
  3. Push forward

If you push forward and there’s no traction, then start back at one. Do this enough times, and there’s no doubt you’ll find success.

In turn, if people stop learning, leave the company before a major pivot, or stop putting their energy into pushing the company forward, then the startup will likely fail.

The hard part is knowing the signs. Several years ago, I worked for a mobile app startup. I remember the co-founder saying,

“I studied business at the University of Pennsylvania. I know what I’m doing!”

I recognized this as a sign that he was unwilling to learn. He thought he knew everything because he attended one of the best business schools in the country. I expected more humility.

I left the startup a week later.

Soon after, they failed.

You need to take all the steps. You can’t just pivot and push forward. You must learn, too.

If you’re not in a startup with employees and founders committed to all three, then find another team.


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