Everything is going scientific. Why not blogging?

Everything is going scientific. Why not blogging?

In one of the most famous books ever written on copywriting that emphasizes the importance of testing and measuring.

There are ways to analyze your blogs, but apart from google analytics and heatmaps whatelse have you got?

Here is a hack you can use to analyze your blog scientifically.
1. Download import.io as this is the tool that you will use to
scrape your blog.

2. Now is the time to create a crawler withhttps://www.import.io/help/ and let it loose on your blog in order to extract everything, including meta-data.

3. Export your data to excel or Google Sheets.

4. Now go to sharedCount( https://www.sharedcount.com/ )and upload your list of exported URLs-this shows how much social love have you got.

5. Now export the data from SharedCount and combine your blog meta and social sharing data using the VLOOKUP( https://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-extract-data-from-a-spreadsheet-using-vlookup-match-and-index–cms-20641 ) function.

6. You can now play around with the data by combining various bits of meta information with the social data to see what insights you can gleam.

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