Growth-hack YouTube!

Growth-hack YouTube!

Ace YouTube

1. When sending your channel link to others add

“?sub_confirmation=1”. For a subscribe box to show up when they click on your channel.

2. If you have multiple videos on your channel, stick them in a playlist. When you link your video to someone, use the video link from inside of the playlist. Your other videos in that playlist will show up on the side and automatically play one by one. This is better than having YouTube recommend a video to your viewers that may not even be yours.

3. At the end of your video include annotations in an “end card”. Your end card is to act as a CTA to you viewers. Give them an opportunity to subscribe, and check out your previous video. (Remember when linking your previous video to use step 2). The only downside to annotations are that it isn’t clickable on mobile.

4. To fix this issue, YouTube has a feature called “elements”. Elements are clickable on both mobile and desktop – It takes a little more preparation, but look into using one of YouTube’s end card templates for even more conversions.

5. At the end of your video SAY your CTA. Tell people to comment, like, and subscribe. People won’t do it unless you tell them to.

6. Have a channel trailer. Set your viewers expectations. If a viewer isn’t linked to your channel by a video, you have the opportunity to set your first impression with your channel trailer. Make it count.

7. In your video description include your subscribe link first with the text: “SUBSCRIBE HERE: link here” along with the link to your last video underneath it.

8. In your video description EXPLAIN your video. This is so important because YouTube algorithm will boost you higher if you have more text discussing what your video is about.

9. In your video description also include all of your social networks you want to be found on. If you don’t link it people won’t know what to look for.

10. Upload consistently. Set your expectations and create a schedule that’s easy to stick with.

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