Growth hacking tools for marketers at startups: Content marketing tools

Growth hacking tools for marketers at startups: Content marketing tools

In this post; we will talk about growth hacking and content marketing.

Before we talk about that you should know that:

The average global temperature could rise between 1.4 and 5.8 °C.

Sea levels will rise and severe weather events may occur.

Deemed to happen; when it does whom will you put at fault?
Our reckless and malicious behaviour will bring this prolonged disturbia.
Hold up!

Do I include startups in this category as well?

I guess yes!

Startups are more than a buzzword they’re every cat’s pyjamas!

Start-ups are the hottest attractions for millenials.

So hot that it could turn the global heat up.

Your start-up needs to be sustainable so that it not only grows in time but also renders no harm to the environment.

1.78M tech startups evolve every year- worldwide.

However; not all would make it big time and reach the basic funding stage

Are you one of these budding entrepreneurs?

Do you intend to deepen the roots of your business and get a hold of market shares?

Shut down your business if your answer is no.

Do not read any further.

This piece of writing is for the people who are:


willing to nurture their business with all their blood and sweat.


are not faint- hearted and can take robust competition and risks.

(because everybody is growth hacking too!)

Let’s dig in!

Here is the list of handy growth hacking tools for marketers at start-ups:

It should be easy for you to find the right package that can ensure business growth(in due time).

I have carefully separated these software tools and placed them into popular categories.

You can use one or as many as you like and I can say that doing so will keep your business on the right track. No doubts about it!

Also; there are several other tools for you to choose from.

Follow the link here to seek the treasure.



Content marketing involves creating and sharing of effective content over the internet.

Content generation involves intelligent comprehension of the market and consumer needs.

Videos; blogposts; social media posts; infographics: are the attributes of content marketing.

Strategic content marketing plays a vital role in spreading the word.

If not promoting the brand or its sales; it definitely generates people’s interest in your brand.

Tools for Content Discovery & Ideas:

You cannot shoot darts in the dark: this simple idiom says it all.

While experimenting with content marketing for your business;

You must stay on the right track.

These tools will do exactly the same for your business.

1. Feedly


Feedly: for handy RSS

Since Google Reader bid a goodbye; Feedly emerged as the best available option for RSS.

It was able to capture 7 million users in recent months.

Using Feedly is almost basic; all you need is to create an account and get started!

Powerfull integrations with Feedly

Finding NEMO was a tough job but your searches become proactive and super- easy with Feedly.

It organizes every data you ever saved and provides it when needed.

Think of it as your magic bag; you can stuff your favourite blog-posts here and find them at a place when needed.


Feedly: plans and pricing


To learn how to use Feedly like a pro read How to use Feedly.

 2. Quora

Quora is a popular social network and a hub where you can ask direct questions to the experts. It is a remarkable platform to identify trends and popularity upsurges.

An added benifit of Quora is that while you answer questions you get the opportunity to interact with the public.

This interaction allows you to promote your business.

Consider the examples below;


brand promotion with Quora


personal branding with Quora


quora users promote their interests while answering the questions.

By and large; you get the opportunity to prompt the public in disguise.

Pricing: Quora is free for public use.

3. find the best content here


If you could find one place where you could stack vivid content and information what would you name it?

Call it; a place where you will find vivid information to keep you posted with the trends.

It is a community-based news platform.

You can find the latest information about your industry;

you get to chose; save and excess it all with great ease.

Pricing: is free. Login and you are good to go!

4. offers pro articles and other content is a platform where you get to chose from a list of curated topics.

Select from an assortment of online publications from their newsstand for staff picks empowers you by letting you chose content and sending automated newsletters.

Pricing: packages and prices packages and pricing


5.  Twitter

say it with twitter


Before Twitter came into hype hash came along with the studio functions.

With the advent of twitter; hash elevated to hashtag.

Hashtags can revolutionize what dwells in simplicity.

Also, you can use hashtags to run campaigns and learn latest trends or;

Post anything with hashtags and you get tractable keywords… whoa!

Follow the link here to learn what else is possible with Twitter.

Pricing: You can use twitter for no more than zero money invested!

6. Pinterest

Pinterst: a place to pin and share pictures


Pinterest is an online pinboard for visual content(pictures).

People pin, create boards and leave comments on their Pinterest account.

This is a great place to learn new trends without having to go through words.

Also; you can promote your business by creating a dedicated board and sharing infographics!

Pricing: You have to pay nothing to use Pinterest!


7. Contentmart

contentmart: your own website for custom content


Why should you settle for less when you can get custom content that meets your need?

Contentmart is the bazaar of great content.

From hiring great writers to proofreading personal content; everything is possible.


Contentmart has a portal of ace writers and a lovely of content checking tools.


packages and pricing: Contentmart

Tools for Marketing & Distribution

Once you have a clear picture of a target; say you have an effective content to share all you need to know is: where to share?

This is what marketing means: to promote your brand or business at places that matter.

These marketing tools will help you target the right audience through strategical analysis.

1.  Buffer

Buffer: Simplex control for all your social media platforms


Buffer is an excellent tool to manage your social media activities.

Automated- scheduled posting; queuing posts for later; analyze their performance: say yes!

On a whole; it is a joyride to use buffer; for it streamlines the process of content distribution and is ever fast!




Buffer: pricing and plans
Buffer: pricing and plans


Buffer: pricing and plans

2. Yoast

Yoast is there for all your SEO needs


Yoast will become your favourite SEO plugin for WordPress.

It does everything your copy-editor does; the only difference is that it takes lesser time!

Use the plugin to get the most from your content and website over major search engines.

This is what they say; ” The mission of Yoast is SEO for Everyone”

It gives us a promising picture!

Search engine optimization with Yoast


Pricing:  Believe it or not good things come for free. (well sometimes!)

3. MailChimp

Use MailChimp for super fast emailing


MailChimp promises ridiculously fast e-mail deliveries.

Its data science team does all the research for you;

It learns from millions of business e-mails to understand the email ecosystem. API triggered automation is the key to unhindered e-mail delivery; always!

Times; when you don’t have an e-mail list; can be grotesque. (nobody likes to spend time generating an email list)

Don’t worry!

MailChimp will save the day for you!

It generates an email list that suits your business profile.

MailChimp: for powerful automation



4. Promoted Posts on Facebook

Under budget promotions on Facebook


As I have mentioned earlier in this post; good things can come free of cost; true that;

Only that you will have to pay a little to make it better!

That is what this one is about.

Posting feed on your facebook page or profile means you shared a post with a group/public.

This will start a loop of organic reactions:

Post>people see> people like/dislike> people share>repeat!

Albeit; investing a little time and capital could give you more traffic than the organic way.

Facebook’s pay-per-post facility lets you reach out to a larger audience;

Each post(#message) that you share will reach a whopping number of fans and non-fans (unbiased!).

Pricing: Free

5. Inbound Writer

Inbound writer: a connoisseur of quality content


Trying to find great content which can satiate the myriad of readers on social media?

The possibilities are faint (some days are not as good as other days!)

Inbound writer is a software application which sets your mind free so that you can take pride in what comes!

There are three straight-forward yet hefty steps to publish great content that works:


Research on what and how of content


Content generation


Content optimization

Lucky for you! Inbound writer does it all!

It’s on cloud and so it gives you real-time control over search and optimization.

Pricing: Free

6. PRWeb

Cisions’s PRWeb lets you target and automate content delivery


Cision’s PRWeb in nothing like a regular platform for content optimization.


It is popular for distributing crisp and seasoned press releases;

Trace and track the distribution; and ;

provide an analytical study of the same.

This is pretty much what marketers offer elsewhere; you’d say.


The press releases reach significant online syndicating networks.

These networks are cascades of publicity.


PRWeb: pricing and packages

7. Tweriod

Tweroid: a steroid to boost your Twitter


Think of STEROID. It gives a sudden boost or kicks to the body.


Imagine if your twitter following is on steroid!
TWEROID is THAT steroid.

With this tool; you get notified of time slots which will be lucid gainers.

It is possible since the tool analyses both your followers’ and your profiles.

Then; it sends you a direct message or an e-mail for notification.

Well; that’s impressing!

Pricing: 1 credit costs $2.5 USD only.  For details login to the website.


Tools for Content Creation:

Great content is like a grain of mustard seed; it grows with time.

When you plan on marketing your business or brand and your course of action is content marketing;

You will have to be artful and pick the best seeds to plant!

There are several categories of content used for marketing:

emails; videos; blog-posts; info-graphics… …

The tools mentioned forth will make your life easy by helping you create awesome content.

over and over again!


Visualy: an excellent source of visual content is a software application and a fraternity of centred writers.

Apart from writers; they have a force of prolific animators and in-house content managers.

This makes possible for them to assign a team dedicated to your project.

All you need to do is log in to their website;

Get a quote based on a detailed interaction with their representatives;

Start working with a team that suits you on your personal dashboard… boom!

Pricing: You may have to log in to the website and get a quote. Prices are not disclosed.

2. Google Keyword Tool

Find keywords with Google Keywords


I hope you are aware of what keywords are!

If not; keywords are words of great significance to the online world.

Internet users will type specific words (referring to their search);

the most used words become the search keywords!

You have to identify these keywords.


At any moment a user types a search; your content must be on the top(or on the first page) of the search engine!

Google Keyword tool is your magic lamp.

It gives you an idea of keywords and their frequency.

This; in turn; will be a great deal of help to create content and meta-descriptions;

All revolving around the keywords.

Pricing: Free

 3. GIMP

GIMP: the image editing tool.


“Art is the window to one’s heart” ancients have said so!


facts speak that content when supported by visual graphics is 40% more effective.

While creating content that meets everyone’s eyes being artistic is undeniable.

GIMP is the acronym for GNU image manipulation program.

With the use of this software application;  you can create impactful graphics.

The software brings life to pictures by retouching them.

Its Colour pick is excellent too!

Pricing: Free

4. three steps to resize pictures


Everything looks chiselled and clean when there is uniformity.

Agree? is an online image resizing tool.

It is excellent at cloning the dimension of images.

Use the resulting images in your PDF’s; blog-posts; wherever!

Pricing: is a free to use online tool!

5.  Thinglink

Thinglink: link any text anywhere!


Do you believe that there is always more than what meets the eye?

Or do you want to portray a bigger picture than what is visible?


Thinglink is what you need.

With this online software; you can tags links to the images you upload or share.

What links?

Links to mp3 files; twitter; facebook; online stores…

Thinglink: fast visual content development

A perfect way to describe what it does is:

Its a sky full of stars; come grab them.

Pricing : 

thinglink: pricing and packages

Tools for Writing:

Storytelling is creating an amalgam of choicest of words to convey a strong message.

It is great if you are an eximious writer.

if not;

That does not mean that you will never be able to create great content.

These tools will give you a shot at making your content marketing complaint!

1. Contently

Contentmart: hub for writers and content marketers


A one-stop-shop to work with prolific and enthusiast freelancers to create optimised content.

What results should you expect out this deal?

Great content. Period!

Proactive tracking of the workflow; payment and its results is possible.

Contently: providing world-class content marketing


What Contently does not provide is the “chaos” that comes with developing good reads.

I guess you can live with that :D!

Pricing: You will have to join the community, or get in touch with their reps to learn the pricing.

2.  Textbroker

TextBroker: hub for buying and selling great content

Whether you are a freelance writer or you need qualified writers;

Textbroker is your catch!

Qualified authors write pro posts for a variety of purposes:

product descriptions, blog-posts; press releases and more!

They also offer a choice of writing in 15 different languages at economic prices.

Pricing: You may have to get a quote for exact pricing.

TextBroker: pricing

3. NewsCred

NewsCreed: the enterprise content marketing platform

Newscreed is a content development platform.

Here you will find millions of relevant articles, images, and videos.

The enterprise has tried and tested procedure for content marketing as well.

It eliminates the risks of exploitation of intellectual properties.


Newscreed uses contents of others in a legal manner!

Pricing: free

4. Brafton

Brafton: all in one app for SEO and content development


Brafton is a software tool that offers both; content generation as well as SEO.

It offers state-of-art social media marketing.

They have a market experience of over a decade and that counts!

Brafton: there’s a plan for every need

It is a data-driven platform which means that you will get the best of it; always!

Pricing: The prices are not disclosed on the website. You can log in to learn more.


What I have shared is a glimpse of a larger world of marketing tools and software available. There is an astronomical number of software tools you can try for content writing, analyzing and marketing.

It seems this is pretty much of magic potion to gulp in one day!

You can always visit this blog if likes be!

However; if you wish to learn more about hot tools for massive marketing do visit again.


May success be yours!


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