How could you apply growth hacking to a restaurant?

How could you apply growth hacking to a restaurant?

Answered By Vincent Dignan
1.Go on LinkedIn and scrape the email of every local business/office in your area. Offer them free drinks for every after work meal they book with you. People love free alcohol and forget about how much the food will fill them up and make them drink less.

2. Create a food challenge and give away free food/ t-shirts to all challengers who succeed (if they fail still charge them for the food). Take pictures & videos, edit them to make awesome content. Use this to promote paid Facebook ads in your area. Get people to email you to book a slot, add them to your email list for future discounts etc.

3.Offer free stuff, as a surprise, to first time customers. The response you’ll get will be immense and they’ll remember you for it. The lifetime value of a customer in the food industry is insane.

4. If you deliver, honestly flyering your local area Friday morning is still massively underated. Make the flyer look awesome and up to the standards of Pizza Hut, Dominoes etc.

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