How to convince technical co-founders to join your startup

How to convince technical co-founders to join your startup

Become their friend.

This question is everything that’s wrong with founding startups. It over-complicates a simple problem.

It puts technical co-founders on a pedestal when, in reality, they’re like everyone else.

  • They want to work on purpose-driven problems and build cool products.
  • They want to work with smart people who get stuff done.
  • They don’t want to be taken advantage of.

Rather than trying to find a technical co-founder through setting up meetings and shooting cold emails, try this:

Ask them to hang out with you.

If they’re interested in VR (virtual reality), then invite them to a VR party.

If they enjoy hiking, then invite them to go hiking.

Be genuinely interested in what they do.

Be willing to invest in the relationship.

I’m a technical marketer who has many friends who’d become my technical co-founder if I asked.

That’s what friends do – they support each other. I hang out with them every weekend, and we share many of the same values. I’ve known most of them for almost an entire year.

If you have problems landing a technical co-founder, it says a lot about your ability to genuinely develop relationships with people.

Stop looking at technical co-founders as an instrument to build a company. Look at them as real people. People who might have a family, kids, deep interests, goals, and a close friend group.

The sooner you begin to treat possible founders as friends, the more likely you’ll have one to jump on board when the time comes. Don’t make it any more complicated than that.


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