How to Create an Automated Hyper-Local Leads Machine Using Events

How to Create an Automated Hyper-Local Leads Machine Using Events

Imagine being one of the most well-known people in a city.

San Francisco?

Los Angeles?

You name it.

It’s not hard. Since living in San Francisco for the last year, I’ve connected to thousands of the most well-respected founders, venture capitalists, and growth hackers.



Everyone attends events.

High-level entrepreneurs attend events to speak at them, and startup founders go to learn. If you’re the host, then you meet both parties.

The first step to creating a hyper-local marketing machine for leads is to know your audience.

Who do you want in your network?

I wanted as many local, high-level entrepreneurs in my network as possible.

The next step is to start small, then leverage your way up as your audience increases.

This means holding Meetups and hustling to build a local network to where you feel comfortable filling up a 70-person event every month (approximate time for someone with zero network: 2 – 3 months).

During this time, the number one metric you need to focus on is retention. If your members don’t show up again, then you’ve lost. It’s far less expensive to retain an audience, then capture one that’s new.

If you’re looking to grow your event lead list, here are three ways to drive traffic on a tight budget (all of which work well):

1. Use Meetup’s organic search and perfect your layout
-Ask for reviews
-Upload pictures of attendees
-SEO title and description for Meetup search

2. Use Eventbrite’s organic search
-Always include a paid option to fuel a feeling of scarcity for free or less expensive tickets.

3. Attend three to four relevant events every week and poach their members
-To effectively poach another group’s member, you need to add them on Facebook and follow-up with them every week whether with a Facebook comment or personal message. Ideally, you should do this until you’ve poached around 100 people (approximate time: 3 months)

4. Automate your LinkedIn network growth and outreach
-To automate the growth of your LinkedIn network, the first step it to purchase GPZ LinkedIn Tools. This tool allows you to auto-connect with people based on search queries with personalized messages.

For example, if you hold events in San Francisco for growth marketers, then you can auto-connect with growth marketers in your city with personalized messages.

When reaching out, don’t immediately ask them to attend an event. Provide them a benefit. I do this by giving them a hyper-local community resource.

Credits- Josh Fetcher

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