How To Find & Train Your Virtual Assistant (VA)

How To Find & Train Your Virtual Assistant (VA)

You are the biggest asset of your business.


For businessmen, their time is money. So we must be willing to spend that time only on things that we do best.

So hiring a virtual assistant and get those laborious tasks outsourced is the best thing you could do to save your time.

India and Philippines are the hubs of outsourcing. They have a large part of their youth educated and English speaking.

The biggest asset in your business is YOU. You must do whatever it takes to optimize yourself and focus on the things you are good at.

These both are nations with hardworking people and very economic to hire.

These are the skills you should look for or keep in mind while looking for in a VA

1) Attentive to Detail – I believe the most important skill is to follow the instructions without any questioning. Any other skills can be learned on youtube but this

2) A researcher- He must able to perceive things out of the box. He must be able to gather information using social media and internet.

3) Experience- IT is not mandatory but it is quite use to hire a VA who has a bit experience of working for someone before also.

Give some realistic tasks initially. This will test their skills initially.

Ask them to discover the best facebook groups, best sites and all other best forums of your niche on the internet.

The best will come back in no time with desired results. The rest of them suck!

Now interview the best you have found.

The emphasis should be on them because they are selling themselves to you. Keep it informal like a chat between two friends. When you are happy with the VA – hire them!

I pay hourly of about $5/hour which is the going rate for most VAs in the Philippines. Remember, you’re working with an employee now so here’s a few tips for you:

1) Keep tasks fun. Mix up the serious with the funny. Don’t get too serious or too funny.

2) A satisfied and happy VA is the most productive one. So reward him and give some leave at occasions.

3) Get a contact number. I have my VA on email, Skype and What’s App in case of emergencies.

4) Empower your VA – Give them a little power and authority to make small decisions and use their wisdom all the time.
But you make the final decisions.

Happy hiring!

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