Linkedin shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to Growth hacking.

Most of the beginners don’t know the first thing to do when they have started their business.

Let alone the using linkedin to leverage the initial leads for their startup.

It is lunatic to ignore the social network when it comes to getting referrals for a B2B startup.

However it takes consistent activeness to build a wide customer base in the network.

You have to ask for referrals yourself and it is much more laborious task to pursue than any other SaaS referrals tactics.

But all of these efforts are worthwhile once you see how quickly your user base grows.

Above all, you establish a much more personal connection with all your prospects than any other social network.

Just hack it-

1. With B2B startups, most of the marketing tactics are just re-iteration of time tested B2B marketing approaches,

2. The hack is definitely a modern twist in the classic networking tactic. Namely- Starting a new group.

3. Topic name is the game changer.

Name should be relevant with your products’ core value and with your clients’ prospects. It would get you as much as referrals you can get.

4. Once you have created the group, invite all the existing clients to join your group.

5. Then go on inviting the all the potential clients to join the group if you have connections with them.

Since you are the moderator you can also invite their connection to your group as well.

6. As soon as a prospect joins your group, you can send them a ‘warm’ connection invite saying something along the lines of:

* “I notice that you’re connected to my client who has been using our app to help solve problem X. As you operate in a similar space, I wanted to reach out as our product could potentially help you solve this problem too.”

7. Since you already have connections in common, and you are the moderator, it converts your invite from a cold call to a warm one and gives you credibility as well.

So that’s it. You just hacked linkedin referral tactic.

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