How to keep up with your Customers?

How to keep up with your Customers?

Acquiring customers is first stage of business.

Retention is second.

But believe me acquiring customers/clients is easier than keeping them!

Here I will discuss some of the BEST retention hacks I witnessed and implemented some of them.

1. Fake Call to action button-

Once I received an email form one of renowned growth hackers.
It goes on as follows-

Hello there

……………………..Body of the email……..

To know how I earn a million dollar in just one year click the download button below!

Download the Million dollar Ebook!

Well I clicked on it anxiously!

The button didn’t respond.

I clicked again there was no response again.

There was another button down there, but it too didn’t respond.

I thought that sender went cracked when he framed this Email.

The very next day I received an Email, which asked if something was wrong with the last Email.

Then they revealed that it was an image.

It was not a CLA button.

Well I was flabbergasted for a while, the asked me to wait further.

Well that was compelling.

It made me wait me more eagerly for the launch.

You can do this if you are offering something of real value.

2. Imagine yourself using some software in your mobile or computer.

All of a sudden your operation crashes.

Your software stops working.

Your day is screwed.

But all of a sudden you get another mail form the developers of the software.

They seek apology for your latest inconvenience, and offer you a 30% discount on some new feature, that is too exciting with handle.

You are already impressed by their customer service.

Now they throw another offer bomb too irresistible!

Well, chances are there that you would unsubscribe, but you are more likely to go for the next step.

You can use this too, if you are in some kind of software development business.

But make sure that you use it in a justified manner!

3. The welcome giveaway-

First clients/customers are really special.

So if you wish to wish them to stay for longer, welcome them with something valuable.

Some free T-shirt, some discount coupon or some irresistible offer.

Do whatever you can to make them feel special.

They are basically the foundation you have laid on which you build an empire.

So lay the foundation strong!

More to flow in…

Stay tuned!

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