How to think of Startup ideas

How to think of Startup ideas

An expert in two subjects can think of a good startup


An expert in three subjects is an idea machine.

All my first startup ideas were horrible.

None of them worked.

I’ve worked with many failed startups, was a fail founder, and created three failed blogs.

After that period, I headed growth for several successful startups, a VC firm, and created one of the largest growth marketing communities in Silicon Valley.

At first, I was an expert in only one subject.

Not enough for creativity.

What is creativity?

It’s the combination of ideas to form a new idea.

The most creative ideas happen when you have expert knowledge in two fields.

My startup journey began with learning the technical side of creating online sales funnels. I’ve been honing this skill for five years. The first two years, none of my sales funnels made money.

So, I spent time obsessing about another skill: In-person psychology.

In one year, I read over one-hundred-and-twenty books about the subject.

Things began to click.

They clicked so well, I helped companies grow in ways I never imagined. In fact, I became known as the guy who growth hacked Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Then, I added one more skill: Copywriting.

I’ve written over five hundred blogs posts in the last two years.

At this point, startup ideas came from many directions. Feeling confident, I spent all my time implementing.

In my fifth year, I automated a job I had started three months earlier.

It hit me that I was an idea machine.

I would have to jot down ten to twenty ideas every day just so I could fall asleep. I felt euphoric. Creativity became my choice of drug.

Every silent moment of thinking, business ideas flooded my brain as I made unique connections.

If you want to become a startup idea machine, then become an expert in several subjects. It will take a crazy amount of persistence, hustle, and ambition.

But there’re few better feelings than knowing you’re creative.


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