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  • Creation of the following pages- About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions & Refund Policy
  • Integration of Payment Gateway
  • Responsive Design
  • Banners Creation
  • Logo design
  • Integration of Chat Widget
  • Setting social Proof and scarcity apps for increasing Conversion Rate of the store
  • Adding professional and slider professional images.
  • Site navigation
  • Addition of products into the store


Alleviating the site UI:

  • Optimizing the site navigation.
  • Make sure that the site does not take too long to load.
  • Showcase your hero product.
  • In this case your hero can be a complete look or looks!
  • Do not showcase a single product, instead showcase a look.
  • Let the visitors know they can shop all the elements of the very look.


Optimizing the site’s conversion rate:

  • Include your brand name in almost all of your pages.
  • Match the CTA buttons with your websites logo.
  • Attract site visitors with pop up discount messages.
  • Ask for the visitor’s email id via a e-mail collect pop up
  • Give discounts on clubbed order, say, someone buys three products from a look to get a discount.
  • Different discount for different number of products from a given look.
  • Remind shoppers what they have viewed but did not buy.
  • Give social proof of authenticity.
  • Keep the CTA above the fold, always.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Keep the area around the CTA button neat and un- cluttered.

Avoiding cart abandonment:

  • Determine the most important segment of your site’s traffic.
  • Optimize the pages, keeping this segment in mind.
  • Determine exit rate of each page, with Google analytics.
  • Determine average exit rate with the average of the entire site.
  • Determine the page value (exit rate per page should not exceed the average exit rate)
  • Leverage the exit intent technology i.e. Show a pop-up message while the person is leaving.
  • Placing reviews on your website.


It doesn’t matter how good your traffic is, how fancy your ad may be, if you don’t have good products to sell, you are not going to make any good money of it !

It is about the PRODUCTS THAT YOU SELL !

Do you want a product that has:

  • Low average reviews making it possible for you to make lots of sales with minimal reviews?
  • 300+ average monthly sales which indicate high demand?
  • Evergreen-No seasonality and allows you to make sales all year?
  • Not oversized ensuring you pay lower fulfillment and storage fees?
  • Not in a gated category and you can start selling right away?
  • Not patented/no copyright issues & Allows you NOT to worry about any unforeseen legal disputes?

Products with room for improvement so that you can outsell your competitors effortlessly?


Product Description and Copywriting

(1) List products on Shopify with all variations if any or simple products with data provided.
(2) Creating original description, SEO titles, sourcing images



20 Products- $150(3 Working Days)

50 Products- $350(7 Working Days)

100 Products- $600(15 Working Days)


AdS Creation and Split Testing

10-Ad package includes:

  • Ads copy and design for split testing
  • Conversion pixel creation (if applicable)
  • Audiences created for retargeting
  • Around 10 royalty free, stock images  to be used for Ads creation.
  • 2 Video Ads
  • Ads uploaded into your Ads Manager
  • Monitoring during the split testing phase (maximum of 30 days of monitoring)
  • Report on which ads performed the best during the split testing phase

10 Ad Creation Package: $900

20-Ad package includes:

  • Ads copy and design for split testing <-more testing capabilities at this level
  • Conversion pixel creation (if applicable)
  • Audiences created for retargeting
  • 4 Video Ads
  • Around 20 royalty free, stock images to be used for Ads Creation
  • Ads uploaded into your Ads Manager
  • Monitoring during the split testing phase (maximum of 60 days of monitoring)
  • Report on which ads performed the best during the split testing phase

20 Ad Creation Package: $1600


The easiest way to get first users

  1. Visit quora.com (https://www.quora.com)
  2. Search for topics, related to your service-
  3. Comment related questions, promote your stuff in the answers but keep in mind that you read non-promotional.

It works pretty well but don’t expect that your reputation would scale up

Leverage forums for leads with no hustle

Turn hustling of getting new users into a scalable process and save a little more of your time:

  1. Create a Google spreadsheet.
  2. Create 3 tabs. 1 for each of the following: Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Niche Forums(google ““niche keyword” inurl:forum”).
  3. Create 3 Google Docs. One for each of the categories above.
  4. Have a virtual assistant on Elance or UpWork to find the questions you could answer and fill yes/no and fill direct URL to each question.
  5. Write the best answers you can to the questions and reference your links and then you would be able to copy and paste all the answers to these questions anywhere required.

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