People leave startups for big corporations

People leave startups for big corporations

You want to breathe.

I’ve only worked for startups. However, I’ve had moments where I was sitting at a laptop and applied to hundreds of big brand companies.

I’ve never made the jump, but I know why I sent out my resume.

I felt tired.

Tired of seeing a low bank account balance.

Tired of coming to work where everyone is on edge.

Tired of working months on a project with a high probability of failure.

Tired of not seeing my girlfriend for weeks at a time because I’m working too much.

It takes a toll. It can feel like you’re suffocating.

You gasp for air, but there’s nothing there.

You look at people who work for corporate companies. You see their pictures on Facebook of them going on vacation, hanging out at the beach with their girlfriend, and attending conferences.

Not you.

You’re in your empty office on a Saturday night working until 3 a.m.

You feel very alone, but you tell yourself it’s worth it.

I can be a part of something great.

I can say, “I was there from the beginning. I helped build it.”

You continue working because you believe in creating a great legacy.

You believe passion and perseverance will conquer all obstacles.

You believe in yourself.



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