Productivity hacks for CEOs

Productivity hacks for CEOs

Replace yourself.

Don’t get caught up in the “I’m the only one who can do this” mentality. It will break you.

You have to constantly let go of the work you’re doing, so others can do it. In turn, you need to trust your employees. If you don’t, then you’ll work crazy hours for no good reason. NOT SMART.

Maybe the reason you don’t trust your employees is that you hired the WRONG people. Productivity starts with who you hire. If you don’t get that right, then you’ll experience failure.

That means you’ll have to lay off your employees.

“Sorry, I made the mistake of hiring you. Good luck at your next job.”

Don’t put yourself in that position.

As a CEO, your time is the most valuable in your company. Don’t waste it doing something others who you trust are readily available and capable of doing.

I don’t care if you love designing websites. A CEO can’t spend half their work hours designing their business’s website. That’s crazy.

You need to focus on BUILDING A COMPANY. That means delegating almost everything you do to someone else. You can’t have someone sit in on a board meeting for you, but you can have them respond to emails, take over technical tasks, and manage other employees.

Always ask yourself, “How can I get someone else to do this?”

This even means evaluating opportunities.

As you become successful, thousands of people will pitch you. You won’t have time to vet them. You’ll need people to respond to these requests.

Eventually, if you become successful enough, then each opportunity may go through several people on your team before it reaches you. Again, you have to TRUST them.

If you don’t, it’s game over.

In other words, your startup will die or never grow beyond a small team because you’re too afraid to replace yourself. That’s the reality of being a startup CEO.


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