Some blog suggestions for local businesses and other ideas

Some blog suggestions for local businesses and other ideas

Is your business a small, local level business?

Have you ever been to any of the local events?

If no, then start visiting there.

Write about them!

Sponsor some of the charity events! Sponsors are recognized everywhere.

Donate snacks at charity events, blood donation drives.

Get in to the notice.

At these local events you can easily get noticed when you will write about them in your blog.

You can make some new business connections and find some potential business connections.

Since your business is of local level, it would be good to become aware of all the local business tycoons as well.

And you can meet them in those local events.

Write about your meetings with them, what discussions you had with them.

Include their names and links in your blogs.

This will improve your SEO as well as theirs.

Local business collaboration can also be a really good idea as well.

Promote their business events, product launch as well.

Reuse your content-

Although I buy have a lot of content, both captured as well as purchased, I prefer to reuse them as well at occasions.

Capture as much as images you can.

Make videos of your clients’ and customers’ interviews.

Upload them in your blogs as your interviews.

If you have long posts, break tem in to small sequential and self conclusive parts.

Blog about holidays and events:

Believe me, they never run out of season!

You can start your travel blog.

You can write about places worth visiting in a particular season.

Mention some travel agencies or companies you will doing your business with, mention their links, email them to mention your blog, so as to direct interested visitors who might be planning a trip could be directed to your blog in case they are planning to visit the place you have been blogging about.

Tag people you could do business with in social media.

Send them your blog links share your post with them on the social media.

Holiday events are great way to engage your clients by tagging them on posts!

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