The Best Support Pillars and Assets for your business – TOOLS

The Best Support Pillars and Assets for your business – TOOLS

Where It All Started

I know you’re a dreamer, he’s a dreamer, she’s a dreamer we all are dreamers. I was a dreamer myself.

Who doesn’t dream and build their mirror castles? I did the same. I started my business with a dream of achieving great milestones and did everything I ever wanted.

Had my own startup, with my best buds, with quite some bucks which were enough for us and our startup to reach the target.

All positive vibes going on around our group and all positive results until the cash got exhausted.

Colleagues got exhausted and the frenemy of a brain got exhausted.

The idea of working wonders changed into should we work at all?

We had everything but we lacked the expert advice. We lacked the basics of something somewhere we knew, but what was it, was unbeknownst to us then.

Business was shattering as they say success doesn’t come that easy. We needed those support pillars which could hold our business together as everything was falling apart.

So, the question was, why was this happening and how it all started when everything was in place just a few months ago?

After a month of meetings and schedules, working and searching for the issue, we dug out the problem. It was because our time management was at the lowest level and everything was in our hands, just in our hands.

We needed a solution and we got one, when one Monday night I was deeply anxious and was at the level of losing my eyesight, for I was on the internet for hours and hours.

When I met tools



The ray of sunshine that came in my work life and bloomed like a bright new flower was tools.

Tools that worked like our support pillars on which we stood our whole business. The assets which made every loose screw of our work tight and right in place.

I can’t happen to believe now that I never used these tools, of them thousand tools out there we could have used, recreated and revived our whole business.

Using such level best tools not only got us on the surface of survival but it optimized each and every aspect of our business.

Believe me, for these tools, were not only googled by me but I also used each and every one of them. Read all there is to know about them. It was not just anything Y’all, I was almost on the verge of losing my eyesight, got them red as ripe apples.

I have used some of the best tools and mind you there are thousands of them, some free, some cost a few pennies but they all are worth it.

There are different kind of tools for different kind of work to be performed. Name one task in your startup or business, just one phase/part and I’ll name a tool for it. But right now I can’t mention all of them here, right?

All kind of tools are strewn over the internet, all you gotta do is pay attention to use them and see the magic spell it casts on your business growth.

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Lets start with these incredibly helpful assets you guys call tools:

The Charming Tools



  • The golden crown of every slide or image you ever want to create will be accomplished by using Canva. It is the new king of graphic-design website chosen by designers. Who want the best results for their banners, featured images in posts, book covers and a lot more stuff used in social media .
  • Another Canva lookalike with more infographics, charts and graphs is Piktochart.
  • A fascinating tool which claims to communicate visually is PicMonkey.
  • A stock of free images can be found on shutterstock, FreeImages, Pixabay, Unsplash, Flickr, get thousands of royalty free images and free stock images on Pexels.
  • Want a free and professional photo editor, Gimp and PhotoScape(can create animated GIFs and slideshows for your photos) are the solution for you.
  • Want to add layers, effects and do unlimited undo edits, use Paint.Net.


Grabbing the attention



  • The video creation tools – Magisto, Animoto, Youtube video editor acts like adding extra cheese to your already cheesy slice of pizza. Now all the pizza lovers know what I mean, right?
  • Some crazy animated video creation tools are PowToon, GoAnimate, Common craft, videoshop, iMovies for iOS and a lot more.
  • Bored of using and creating videos on your own, start sharing with the top video sharing sites like Vimeo, Vine, DailyMotion, Ustream and I know you all know about this one and will think a bit less of me but it’s my job you guys, it’s YouTube the star.
  • Now that we are mentioning the art of attracting and engaging the customers through video clips. I’ll like to add some online video platforms just so I don’t leave anything. It’s Kaltura, Ooyala, thePlatform, beved, Baidu, VidYard and Facebook and Twitter which you all are aware of. For all the newbies, read our post, 11 video editing tools for beginners and professionals
  • For all the beginners and professionals, these are the tools you should work on AVS video editor, Adobe Premiere pro, Wideo, RenderForest, Apple iMovie, Animaker.


Landing page tools

Landing Page Tools


  • As the name suggests these tools provide you with amazing landing pages and lets you increase conversion rate, revenue and drive traffic to your pages and websites.
  • Unbounce is the best one I know as it does not bounce the users out of the site.
  • The creative and engaging ones are here Leadpages(or click funnels), MailChimp, Lander, with a pretty limited free plan comes Instapage,
  • The creator of “coming soon” landing pages is Launchrock.
  • Display your messages and collect emails with the help of Hello Bar tool.
  • CrazyEgg lets you see how your visitors are using your websites(quite amazing right), creating your website from scratch, use Optimizely for split testing and choose the right option for your website.


Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools


  • What posts and channels are driving real sale and leads: Hubspot
  • The best tool that I know and would prefer is Google Analytics, the best tool to manage your social media.
  • Capture peak attention with target audiences using Social Flow tool.
  • Play the game of managing multiple social media accounts on point by using Buffer and use the all in one instagram analytics, Owlmetrics.
  • Best till now and best-priced, TweetDeck is the solution. Zoho, Sprout Social and Grytics are some widely used and popular tools.
  • Splice,, Sprinklr and Ad Espresso are some good level tools itself. Be updated about every detail, read Four Social Media Trends in 2018 to know the tricks.


Customer Acquisition Tools

Customer Acquisition tools


  • Four different kind of tools are stuffed in the customer acquisition tools. Lets take SEO(Search Engine Optimization) first as it should be your priority. Mozbar, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Magestic SEO are few of the best known SEO optimization tools.
  • Another which comes under the customer acquisition tools is Email Marketing. Read Importance of Welcome Email and how to write a perfect copy(bonus includedAweber, MailChimp, iContactPro, GetResponse, Outreach Plus, Constant Contact are some great and very useful tools for managing emails and messages. Makes all the listings and collections of email data a lot easier.
  • CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization) increases the number of visitors on your web page or web site. Turn your visitors into customers. Crazy Egg is the best one for this purpose and is a viral one too, which spread like a disease through the market.
  • Unbounce, Visual Website Optimizer – A/B testing software for marketers, Unbounce Exchange, Optimizely, Google analytics Content Experiments, OptinMonster, Hello Bar are CRO tools tools for you.
  • Now comes Web Analytics which optimizes the web pages by improving the effectiveness of a website. It helps in driving traffic, organizing and reporting of web data.
  • Kissmetrics is one of the most popular and amazing tool out there. Woopra, clicky, hotjar, mixpanel, IBM cognos analytics, mint, clicktale and a lot more are there for you to work on and explore. Customer acquisition tools is a proper detailed post of tools for you.
  • Read our A Guide To Customer Acquisition and have a clear view and knowledge of how the customers are important and what are the tactics to turn your visitors into customers.

Content Marketing Tool 

Content Marketing Tools


  • Generate people’s interest in your brand not just promote it by using some of these great tools: Feedly, Quora(a network or hub where you can ask questions directly from experts),
  • Twitter and Pinterest don’t need no introduction. Everyone on social media and not on social media knows about them. Clearly the celebrity apps.
  • Inbound Writer, Buffer, Yoast, Tweroid( a steroid to boost your twitter) are some of the marketing and distribution tools.
  • Tools for content creation:, Google Keyword tool, Gimp,, thinglink.
  • Tools for Writing: have great content from contently, explore your language skills with Textbroker which provides 15 different languages for you and offers content and article writing services.
  • Newsfeed and Brafton are two other writing tools.


Growth Hacking and Marketing tools(Startups and new businesses)

Growth hacking and marketing tool


  • Need some support for your new business and startup? Some tools which will help you be in line with the successful ones? Might help if you’ll use these tools: Anyleads, Leadpages, Qualaroo(insight surveys), Visitat.
  • Yesware email tracking for letting you know who opened your messages attachments and a lot more, Sellhack for finding anyone’s email, prospects and email addresses of people with just the information of first name and domain. Growth hacking marketing services for you to know what’s going on in this sector and what all measures to keep in mind.
  • Toofr, Email finder, Fullcontact(Social profile snooping), Buzzsumo(the best one), Outbrain, are some of the common and known ones. Here is a detailed version of this little part Tools for Growth Hackers and Marketers at Startups.


In The End

I would say, rather suggest you to go out on the internet(not outside literally) and explore it all you want. I have mentioned only a few of the tools. I’d say explore every nook and cranny of internet because my friends I have a real doubt about Google being free forever. Yeah?

So, use’em tools as you want or like. I can’t say which one is the best for you because it depends on your interests and requisites. There are thousands of tools and one business in the scene, think how much these thousands of tools might help in your single business to grow and run miles in the success line.







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