The Ceiling Cat wants you to read these hacks!

The Ceiling Cat wants you to read these hacks!

1. Link YOUtube videos in quora posts.

This will drive more views, backlinks and better Google placement ranking. Ensure you link to your Quora post in your YouTube video description.

2. Try to ask questions in your ad copies to give them something to respond to. Example- “Want more leads?”.

3. Instead of going with task based CTA buttons, go with something that shows benefits of signing up to the customers.

4. Don’t show the discount first.
Set the cookie and if they return to pricing page a second time, show them the discount on the page.

5. If you have the email of the prospect, automate an exit intent email with discount offer rather than a using an exit intent popup.

6. Ask people whether they are looking for a solution that your product might give them rather than asking if they have a problem.

Then ask how they are looking for that solution.

7. Use Email hunter to get emails from linkedin, then use mixmax to funnel them in to a facebook Group.

8. Retarget your Youtube channel views using Adwords.

9. Create a habit with opening your email by being consistent with what time and day they are sent.

10. Ask people to retweet an embedded tweet on your thank you pages.

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