1. Don’t even think to outshine your master- Master is master.

Never think to outshine them to impress them, it shouldn’t bring a sense of insecurity in them. Make your masters appear more brilliant

2. Never trust you friends too much.

They are easily aroused to jealousy and you can backstab and anytime soon. Frenemies are ,ore dangerous than enemies.
Instead hire a former competitor or enemy. He would be more loyal because he will have much more to prove.

3. Never disclose you intentions in front of anyone.

There are people out there to drag you down . Involve them in something so they could even know what you are about to do, you are too far to catch.

4. Learn to say less.

Powerful people intimidate and impress by saying less whereas who say more appear fool.
IF you talk too much, you say too much, you are likely say something much more stupid.

5. What is unseen, counts for nothing.

Learn to be the attraction in the crowd. Adorn and be a magnet that attracts everyone around to intimidate everyone.

6. Make other people come to you, especially the ones who are melficient.

Use bait to lure them and once they are in the unsafe zone attack them.

7. Win through action.

Words have their significance, but action outpaces them far behind. It is much easy to get others agree through your actions than those mere words.

8. More you people you have depended on you, more independent you are. SO learn to make a lot of people dependent on you.

9. When you ask someone’s assistance always appeal to their self interest. Offer them something that would benefit them too, by helping them.

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