There are small things you should implement while writing.

There are small things you should implement while writing.

Once you write something keeping in mind what your prospects or clients are expecting, you will attract more of the conversions.

The secret is to writing your Email the way it needs to be.
Some tips for headlines and fonts.


1. Keep in mind the end results customers want

2. They want exact period of time the task will be accomplished!

3. Address the related objections.

Examples-See improvements in 30 days or your money back!

4. Capitalize to emphasize.

I help people do THIS so they can achieve THAT.

5. Articles with images can get you 94% more views than those of without images.

6. Including a photo and video in your PR will get you an increase of 45% views.

7. 67% of the customers believe that image quality of a product in an E-commerce site ensures the quality and their decision to buy that product.

8. 60% of consumers are more likely to contact a company if they see its image shows up in a local search results.

9. Colors can have a vital impact on your conversions.

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