This are some Questions one should Ask their Customers

This are some questions one should ask their customers

These are framed to have the best answers from customers
Questions from Current customers

Before we started working together what were the challenges you had?

How did you find us? (only if you don’t’ know)

What was the most important decision to you when making a decision to hire us / buy from us?

What factors did not matter as much?

Why did you decide to go with us instead of competitors?

What did you desire from hiring us?

What did you fear most when hiring us?

What frustrated you the most before we started working together?

What problems do we help you solve in your business? Or how do we improve your business?

What was the most important to you when you were making a decision?

From your perspective, how could we improve, any feedback?

If you were to describe what we do to another company, what would you say?

Based on what you know about us, do you know anyone else who can use our serve?

Is there anything else you can think of that might be helpful?

Anything else you want to add?

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