Tool #MetaShort

Quickly change a link’s social media appearance

Price: Free or $10 per month

Description: If your social media posts often don’t appear the way you want them to be, MetaShort might be what you need. Using its simple interface, you can adjust how you want your Facebook and Twitter posts to look like, without having to touch the site’s meta tags yourself.

How to use MetaShort:

After you enter your URL on the MetaShort site, it will offer you several items to edit, such as title, keywords, and Twitter card style. When you use the URL that MetaShort has provided, your social media link post should appear on Facebook and Twitter as you have configured.

You can get statistics, such as clicks, on the Pro plan, which costs $10 per month.

Social media tools 2018: MetaShort

Here’s what a Product Hunter has to say:

MetaShort review

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