Top Online Video Platforms

Top Online Video Platforms


Plague of a social media

So, we have social media platforms everywhere now. Every kind is there, audio, video, images and content. It cannot be considered less than a plague we used to have in those early days.

But it’s a different kind of plague now, people don’t die here they swallow it and create beneficiaries.

Children, adults, People, Industries and businesses worldwide are playing this social media game.

In the area of business people are throwing it in the air and blowing it like a candle. Poof!! There comes the bright light of lined up customers. What you have to do is work on increasing those customers and users on your website or account. A number of solutions are there but people tend to find the easiest and catchy ones.

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The ones which are easy to use and worth your hours spent online.


We have every possible social media platform. OVP(Online Video Platform) is something we’re holding on to firmly than the others.

People are more into clips and images than content, which is nothing but being judgemental or having no time at all. Here we are in our day to day life, trying to pack every stuff possible in the 24 hour shift. We all try to cut some slack and fast forward our processes.

OVP offers a platfrom on which you can understand yourself and you can make others understand things through clips.  It’s provided by a video hosting service, which allows you to upload, convert, store and play back video content on the Internet.

Generally to increase revenue at a high rate, small to large businesses are using it.

What is their requirement?

To gain customers and to increase conversion.

To achieve that goal by putting every little detail needed in the recordings.

To show them all what wonders one can create and perform on it simultaneously.

Here are some online video platforms which have achieved success at a great level and are still on the rise to give the customers what they need. Change their interests into revenues and create a whole new business platform.

1. YouTube

YouTube – Top Online Video Platforms


YouTube is the top-notch platform which is still on the rise. It is the platform which is ascending the stairs of success since the day it first came into view.

It is estimated that over 1 billion people visit YouTube each month. When people use YouTube, they come across a wide range of videos that include commercials, documentaries, and peculiar things.

It’s going viral(level) is never ending and using this platform will sure as hell help you in your business. Every industry or organization has it’s own recordings to let people get the gist of their work.

Creating attractive clips and recording and getting the likes and shares is all you need to worry about. For you know your niche and now it’s time to let them grab it.


Vine – Top Online Video Platforms


This mobile video platform is one of the fastest growing digital media content sites on the planet.

A recent statistic showed that nearly 100 million Vine clips are watched each month.

Vine users share over 8,000 videos every minute.

With this much usage and popularity companies and marketing strategies have decided to revive their procedures to attain customers.

This helped businesses grow as it attracted a lot of customers for creativity always is the soul of every business and startup.

3. Periscope

Periscope – Top Online Video Platforms


Periscope is a live Video streaming app developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein for Android and iOS.

It makes live streaming easy and portable.

It allows the clips to get broadcast on a public platform and even allows the private sharing option if you don’t feel like sharing it with public.

You have the option to choose the viewers also and the maximum number of users that a user can follow is eight thousand.

You can broadcast your live video for about 24 hours and others can share it like any other content.

4. Wellcomemat

Wellcomemat – Top Online Video Platforms


WellcomeMat is a platform for managing and marketing real estate videos.

It was created considering the growing of sales and winning new listings. It includes estate focused and industry proven marketing strategies.

It helps the real estate companies to show and present places on sale so they can get better traffic than they do offline.

It has been noted that this has worked wonders for the companies as people save a lot of time finding places and contacting different brokers.

Clips and recordings wins more listings, generates more leads & drives greater consumer engagement than any other form of content.

5. Brightcove

Brightcove – Top Online Video Platforms


The experience of the users is what makes them decide if they want to visit your site again or not.

Brightcove is the solution for it. It improves user experience by providing organized features like branding and streaming of clips/recordings to mobile devices.

The company is active in acquiring organizations that can improve its market presence and revenue.

It recently acquired Zencoder, a cloud transcoding company, to help the organization improve its platform for SaaS offerings.

It also acquired Unicorn Mobile offering more than 4,000 customized strings covering a minimum of 500 different devices.

6. Kaltura

Kaltura – Top Video Online Platforms


Kaltura offers online clip solutions.

It ranges from entertainment companies to businesses, educational enterprises to service providers.

It has two options to deploy it’s solutions, either it is on-premises or through private/public cloud.

Around 300,000 organizations including leading media companies such as HBO, ABC TV Network, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Paramount Pictures etc uses it’s solutions .

7. Ooyala (Telstra)

OOlaya – Top Online Video Platforms


Ooyala’s targeting sector is mostly media-based companies . These companies are the ones which are looking to monetize content directly.

One of the major features offered by the company is modular offerings.

End-users do not have to buy the end-to-end system.

It just requires the modules, which include the transcoding engine, analytics, and ad servers.

8. thePlatform

thePlatform – Top Online Video Platforms


thePlatform has a wide range of partners.

It offers services which are professional, are related to advertising and monetization.

It includes strategic and transcoding partners, management; content discovery; search; syndication; playback experience; and reporting and analytics solutions.

They try to bring those people(online or as customers) on the platform who have a great number of ideas and stuff to create videos.

9. Beved

Beved – Top Online Video Platforms


Beved provides online and classroom lessons.

The company is growing globally, it’s on the rise since it started.

It is considered to be one of the major end-users of e-learning in Brazil.

10. Culture Machine Media

Culture Machine Media – Top Online Video Platforms


Culture Machine Media is a digital media company whose aim is to attract customers and people by using technology and storytelling.

They create great media brands which people love.

It’s the combination of top-notch content and cutting edge technology.

Their passionate and driven team helps creators, brands and traditional media companies break through the clutter to reach the right viewers and get monetized.


11. Baidu

Baidu – Top Online Video Platforms


Baidu is a Chinese search engine and one of the largest tech companies in the world.

It’s aim is to serve the customers and their needs by providing the products/services they require. It counts on the customers experience and it shows it’s corporate culture i.e simple and reliable.

This lets the customers and users to have a good experience and they visit the site again.

They have also partnered with Intel.

12. VidYard

Vidyard – Top Online Video Platforms


Vidyard is used by a great number of companies as it grabs the attention of everyone with it’s unique features.

It has the ability to present you with the details and information about how the viewers go through your clips/recordings.

This works as a technique which helps the business grow continuously as you are aware of the process going behind the curtain.

You can improve your results and marketing strategy based on the measurable output.

Along with hosting your video content, it reveals who’s watching your videos and for how long.

It checks the information with detailed viewer analytics and engagement data.

13. Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter – Top Online Video Platforms


Facebook and Twitter are by far the two largest social media platforms in the world.

Every other person uses Facebook and Every third person uses Twitter.

They have their own platforms and are developing separately on a good scale.

14. Amobee (Adconion)

Amobee – Top Online Video Platforms


Amobee provides an insight of data and of every activation channel.

It is the platform on which marketers get the insights they need for campaign advantage.

It can tell you every little detail you wish to know about your customers.

Every campaign that it provides is of high impact from the beginning till the end.

It connects with the customers and makes sure the message is sent to every customer on any kind of device they’re using.

With the connection between customers you have a better knowledge about when and what is the best time/way of interacting with them.

It maximizes campaign effectiveness and engagement for brands and agencies via channels including display, mobile, email, social, content ads, and 3D.

15. Anvato

Anvato – Top Online Video Platforms


It provides the solution for media companies and programmers.

Anvato provides the most complete live and on-demand clips/recordings management, analytics, syndication, and tracking features along with player development kits for iOS, Android and desktop devices.

Anvato’s platform brings revenue by helping broadcasters replace TV ads with user-targeted dynamic ads on all platforms.

16. Brightroll

BrightRoll – Top Online Video Platforms


BrightRoll builds software that automates and improves digital video advertising globally.

The company provides industry’s leading programmatic clips/recordings including a demand side platform and marketplace.

These solutions are helpful for advertisers, publishers and partners in growing their business and connecting with consumers.

17. Bubblecast

Bubblecast is a solution to host, manage and monetize clips/recordings.

It’s free for personal use and cost-effective for business.

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18. ClickStreamTV

ClickStreamTV – Top Online Video Platforms


ClickStreamTV provides specified clips/recording players. They are known for providing pay-per-view services.

They offer on demand and live streaming videos and an easy to use management system.

Helps greatly in monetizing your content.

19. Clipshare

ClipShare – Top Online Video Platforms


It is the first and a very famous PHP video script ever.

It has built websites or communities for purposes where members

– can easily upload, host or share and watch videos in HD.

– can easily upload, host, share and browse photo galleries.

– can easily upload, host, share and play web-based games.

– can easily host and manage their own clips/photo blogs.

It is a provider of clips/recordingssharing tools at a very affordable price.

20. Coull

Coull – Top Online Video Platforms


Coull is a data-driven and independent advertising technology company.

They build technology that brings trust to the huge volume of inventory in the videotapes advertising marketplace.

Their platform dynamically validates inventory against brand safety, visibility and fraud metrics and categorises it.

21. Digitalsmiths

DigitalSmiths – Top Online Video Platforms


It is an industry leading in discovery platform essential to satisfy and engage viewers.

The one which believes in delivering beautiful entertainment experiences. Targetting customers and providing them what they require or ask for is what it does perfectly.

It offers end-to-end solutions and flexible APIs that can work in any environment and helps you meet customer demands and target results.

22. Ebdsoft

Ebdsoft – Top Online Video Platforms


Ebdsoft intergrates the newest technologies and brings new features and usability improvements to grow your business.

Provides flexilible, mature, reliable and scalable dynamic platfrom.

Provides web application development and professional consulting services.

23. Endavo

Endavo Media – Top Online Video Platforms


It is a multichannel network that helps you activate new OTT distribution channels and build YOUR content brand and audience.

It brings out the content creators who help in the process of acquiring customers and generating revenue streams.

It provides a lot of tools and strategies to reach the market level and goal and acquire what you desire. Helps you in growing your business and engaging customers by providing everything you need to manage your content and distribution channels.

It is a provider of enterprise-grade digital media management and distribution platform technologies and services.

24. Ensemble Video

Ensemble Vedio – Top Online Video Platforms


Ensemble Video is an award-winning videotapes content management system.

It provides efficient, coordinated, and collaborative rich media management for a group of users within an organization.

Ensemble Video is flexible i.e it can run on any device, let it be a mobile a desktop or any other platform. It enables to make it run anywhere and anytime.

It allows sharing and management of your content.

It is easy to deploy and support, easy to use. Integrates easily with a wide range of complementary video and Web technologies.

25. Flumotion

Flumotion – Top Online Video Platforms


The platform used as a multipurpose platform as it helps in increasing profits, enhancing brand awareness, engaging customers and providing the desired output.

It has various business needs like sponsored live events, live corporate meetings, webinars for product demos etc.

These needs include results like fans engagement, travel expenses reduces, increased revenues and a lot more.

Flumotion is an all-in-one modular and scalable platform for professional environments that allows management, dissemination and monetization of online videotapes and audiotapes on all devices.


26. KIT Digital (Piksel)

KIT Digital(piksel) – Top Online Video Platforms


Piksel is used to design, build, develop and manage solutions for the clients of all sizes across the broadcast media industries.

Piksel people create and manage OTT videotape monetization solutions for some of the world’s leading media brands.

It’s goal is to drive revenue, reduce costs and improve services.

27.  Limelight Networks

Limelight – Top Online Video Platforms


Limelight is considered as one of the world’s best, largest and fastest content delivery networks which provides an exceptional digital experience.

It helps companies to secure themselves from cyber threats by providing them with new bot management system.

Helps in safeguarding against bad bots and managing good bots.

It offers superior performance and high availability, featuring a massive network footprint.

28. Long Tail Ad Solutions (JW Player)

Long Tail Ad Solutions( JW Player) – Top Online Videp Platforms


JW is the most flexible platform as it

It allows live stream events quickly andalso allows real-time performances.

Improves fill, inventory, and CPMs. Provides solutions to suppport clips/recordings strategies.

Provides  strategies to achieve audience growth and revenue goals.

Their services such as video hosting and streaming, advertising, and analytics help companies optimize their workflows and monetize smartly.

29. MediaCore

MediaCore provides higher education institution with cloud hosted platform to share media with students.

Their platform puts powerful video learning and sharing tools into the hands of every student and professor — empowering them to easily capture, manage and share privately and securely across all mobile and desktop platforms.

30. Panopto

Panopto – Top Online Video Platforms


It allows business and academic institutions to record and share presentations.

Businesses use Panopto as an “internal YouTube” for all of their video content related to sales enablement, corporate communications, online training, employee onboarding, executive messaging, and social learning.

Universities use Panopto to record lectures, make course materials available on-demand to students, broadcast campus events, train faculty, and more.

31. Pixability

Pixability – Top Online Video Platforms


Pixability is the industry’s first self service software, with integrated brand safety.

It permits you to pan, buy, optimize, and measures brand-safe videotape campaigns on the platforms.

It provides YouTube ad buying and marketing platform of clips/recordings that enables agencies, brands, and marketers to run better YouTube campaigns.

32. Ramp

Ramp – Top Online Video Platforms


Ramp provides solutions regarding distribution problems of recordings/clips behind the firewall.

Streaming clips was basically introduced for large-scale communications, marketing, learning and development, human resources and compliance etc.

It provides a next-generation media content platform, making it easy for companies to manage live and on-demand clipsand audio content.

33. Samba Group

Samba Group – Top Online Video Platforms


Samba Group is the leader in online videotape clips in Latin America.

Works on your domain and d turns it into a website.

Samba Tech takes care of professional management and distribution of live videotapes and on demand from large companies.

34. SpotXchange

SPOTX – Top Online Video Platforms


SpotXchange is the largest global marketplace of videotape ad inventory.

It is for premium publishers and broadcasters. Provides total campaign audience insights for connected TV.

They connect thousands of publishers with trusted demand sources, running top brand campaigns through its marketplace.

SpotXchange is a company of experts working on clips.

35. VBrick

Vbrick – Top Online Video Platforms


VBrick Systems provides complete enterprise-wide solutions for clips/recordings.

It offers a complete solution for managing and distributing videoclips and other streaming media across any network

It combines highly reliable, scalable media management and distribution solutions with expert professional services.

Helps customer in improving productivity, reduce costs and fully engage their target audiences — regardless of size, distance or location.

36.  Vidcaster

Vidcaster – Top Online Video Platforms


Vidcaster gathers your company’s clips and provides you with high impact monetizing, analyzing high-impact videotapes training programs.

It is a platform which provides insights for innovation and culture exchange. It is focused on true-human centered qualitative research.

Provides management of clips to solve the problems of why most services fail in the market and what measure are to be taken.


37. Viddler

Viddler – Top Online Video Platforms


Viddler provides interactive online media solutions for employee training and engagement.

Provides interaction with the users to have queries answered, sharing and specified connection.

Provides corporate communications, interactive training, and digital publishing.

The Viddler community has grown to over 700,000 users in 220 countries while also investing in business solutions.

38. VideoBloom

VideoBloom – Top Online Video Platforms


VideoBloom has been a leading provider of powerful technology and production solutions of videos.

It helps its clients in building and expanding their brands’ online experiences.

VideoBloom empowers its clients to share their message, respond to customers drive transactions and a lot more.

It was among the first to launch user-generated (UGC) videoclips when social media was still in its infancy.


VIDIZMO – Top Online Video Platforms


VIDIZMO is the platform which provides Videos Portal & Streaming Media Products.

It offers provisions for all the videoclips of the business, whatever it requires. It provides all this in a highly organised and integrated manner.

It is flexible and easy to use platform. Provides the power of live and on-demand videos to connect, engage and lets your employees to o record, stream, share, manage, and analyze insights from your videotapes.

40.  Vzaar

Vzaar – Top Online Video Platforms


Vzaar was launched in 2007 and it is known for it’s hosting streaming service for business.

It provides complete measures to protect your video content and brand assets. Also provides surety that you make money from your valuable videos.

Helps you in transferring your content from other platforms and also lets you choose annual or monthly plans to pay for services.

The site supports video streaming, embedding, sharing, and video storage.

It also provides online video services designed for business and other commercial operations.






Now you gotta do nothing but go use them all. Only by the light of knowledge and experience will you find the best one to grow your business.

There are thousands of platforms and millions of providers out there.

You are obviously not the naive one because you like the “I’ll check it for myself  thanks” style better than following others right?

Check it, test it and run your business like a bull runs after the waving cloth. Just aim the dart at the target and it’ll all fall in place.

Customers/users are everywhere, you just need to give them what they require or ask for and your business will grow for itself.

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