Video Creation and Marketing Tools

Video Creation and Marketing Tools

Tools For Video Creation and Marketing

Since the Videos came into view it has been spreading its magic all over the market. The introduction of marketing and video tools have engrossed the marketers and businessmen into the growth of their work.

These tools which acts as a pillar for the business to grow and shine are the basic requirements of any kind of business today. People are not only using them for entertainment but they’re also using them in the promotion sector to gain it’s market value and revenue.

Each asset with it’s valuable features optimize your work and business to a new level. Here’s a list of such incredible assets.

List of Video creation & marketing tools:-

1- Placeit

Placeit – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

Placeit is an instant mockup generator with powerful online video editing tools that lets you instantly create videos with realistic environment.

It is used to give your designs the best environment they should get. It creates beautiful and realistic environment.

Provides you with a high quality product mockups just with the screenshot or URL you give them.


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WeVideo – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

It helps in video editing and makes creating, capturing, viewing and sharing the movies at up to 4k resolution.

It provides advanced video editing features through an interface which is simple for creating great movies.

It provides you complete control with the creation of text, transitions, motion effects etc with your best imagination.

It helps in providing the choices of editing modes so you can create great movies out of our ideas.

Effortlessly create your first movie in Storyboard, then instantly open up your content.



ANIMOTO – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

Animoto is the simple and fast way to create your videos. Provides video editors which helps in saving time as they are fast.

They also help in increasing sales and promotions, create marketing videos for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and a lot more.

Provides adjustable video templates, storyboards for editorial content, ads, promotions etc.

Provides a drag and drop feature to add video clips and images into your story board.






 3-YouTube Video Editor

Youtube Video Editor – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

YouTube Video Editor allows you to combine multiple clips together, trim a clip, customize a clip with special effect, add sound to a video and publish it on your YouTube channel with just one click.

It provides editor and enhacements to make your videos better with enhancing them. It allows swapping the audio track on your videos, removes claimed songs from videos. Allows to make changes on uploaded videos.

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Telestream – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

Telestream allows you to create, ingest, transcode, caption deliver and inspect any type of videos. It ensures the best service with the highest end to end quality.

Allows transcode solutions, streaming solutions, automation solutions etc.

Helps in streaming multi-camera productions to facebook live, makes publishing to social media sites fast and easy. Creates a timed transcript directly within CaptionMaker or MacCaption with Timed Text Speech.

Helps in video editing & management tools used for video screen-casting, live webcasting, closed captioning and much more.


5- Camtasia

Camtasia – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

A handy tool as you don’t need to be an expert to create an amazing video. All it needs are these three steps :

1- Recording whatever you want, your whole screen or a just a window. Add images, audios, ppts that you have with you.

2- Provides a simple timeline which makes editing videos a lot easier.

3- Enhances your videos with professional video editor effects. Adding highlights, animations, titles are also allowed.

Helps in recordings and editing videos to create explainer videos, product/feature demos, etc. Camtasia also offers animation functionality and various effects to make videos more compelling.


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Ecamm – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

Ecamm is primarily a video call recording app for Mac and works with video calling apps like Facetime & Skype.

Provides instant Facebook live, Youtube live and periscope productions on your mac. You only need to connect your device to browser, search and archive to get iOS messages, voicemail and data.

You need to connect to your loved ones and see them then record Skype calls directly to your mac. Provides you with great picture quality with adjusting the color and improving the lighting.

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Animated Video Creation Tools

 1-Go Animate

Vyond – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

A very flexible and affordable video creation tool which helps in creating videos easily. It provides the templates, sounds props and much more that is present in the library of the tool.

It is the most useful tool used by people for creating best content to generate positive business outcomes.

Go Animate is a powerful online video creation tool with hundreds of drag and drop templates from different industry backgrounds, characters, character customization, and much more.  It is considered as an advanced tool for creating explainer videos.


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2- PowToon

Powtoon – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

Let it be any field, IT, HR, Training or Marketing, it creates amazing videos and presentations for them all.

Helps majorly in preparing presentations and videos for school projects, office presentations and even at a personal level where you can engage loved ones and friends with special events and occasions planned and prepared with PowToon.

They are assured to be better than video or any other form of communications to engage customers or to grab attention in the workplace.

An ideal tool for creating videos and presentations from hundreds of engaging templates.







3- Common Craft

Common Craft – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

It provides a wide selection of visuals that can work for all of them- business, meetings, office, technologies, relationships and a lot more.

It is a paid online video creation tool that allows you to create engaging explainer videos using a huge library of cut-outs (.png & .eps vector images of doodled graphics)





4- Magisto

MAGISTO – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

A smart video editor which helps you in the making of a great video in minutes. It is fast, easy and effective. Lets you make videos as fast as writing a blog post, content of the video is as easy as the PowerPoint and the videos created for business are as powerful as personal meetings.

It has a computerized video editor and acts as a seamless omni-channel video marketing distribution platform.

An awesome video editing tool that enables you to edit your videos into memorable movies with exciting visual effects and also by adding music of your own choice.




Videoshop – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

It makes it easy to personalize your videos and share them.

It provides a lot of features and ways to make your videos look more presentable and amazing.

1- Trim your video and get the favorable part only.

2- Adjust your video with slow motion or any where anytime you want.

3- Share your videos with captions and titles.

4- Bombard your videos with your personal favorite songs.

5- Share with friends, add sound effects or merge different videos together.

Super useful and easy.


 6-iMovie for iOS

iMovie for iOS – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

It claims to help you create Hollywood-style trailers and stunning 4k resolution movies. It allows you to edit on you iPhone or iPad and then finish it on your mac.

It’s easy to make videos, choose clips add titles, music, and effects. Provides you with features like Studio-quality titles, Extra special effects and a lot more.


7- Prezi

Prezi – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

Prezi is a powerful online presentation creation tool that uses Zooming User Interface and displays information with parallax effect. Such effects that makes your presentation look nothing short of an animated video.

It assures you to provide more engaging, persuasive and powerful videos and slides than PowerPoint. Provides templates to work fast and easy.








Top Video Sharing Sites

1- YouTube

Youtube – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

YouTube is the top-notch platform which is still on the rise. It is the platform which is ascending the stairs of success since the day it first came into view.

It is estimated that over 1 billion people visit YouTube each month. When people use YouTube, they come across a wide range of videos that include commercials, documentaries, and peculiar things.

It’s going viral(level) is never ending and using this platform will sure as hell help you in your business. Every industry or organization has it’s own recordings to let people get the gist of their work.

Creating attractive clips and recording and getting the likes and shares is all you need to worry about. For you know your niche and now it’s time to let them grab it.

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Vimeo – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

Vimeo provides the highest quality for your videos. Offers 4k  Ultra HD with HDR, provides video management tools.

The best and relieving thing that it offers and is most preferred by users is that it does not include ads either at the beginning, during or at the end of the videos.

It is the world’s largest platform for sharing & watching HD videos. It includes a huge number of users over a month only. It is more like a community for video enthusiasts to discover creative videos and get inspired.


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Dailymotion – Video Creations and Marketing Tools

It is one of the world’s leading online video sharing platforms. It provides the latest and updated videos online and the most buzzworthy ones.

Dailymotion provides video-makers across the world with right technology and flexibility to reach a wider audience and stay inspired. It is an original, free video hosting website that allows the users to access, upload, share and edit videos.



Ustream – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

Ustream, an IBM Company, is the leading provider of streaming video platform and hosting services. Provides OTT, EVP and OVP services. Offers live and recorded enterprise video platform services with complete protection.

It is advanced, reliable, helpful and global platform which provides transcoding, automated speech to text and analytics in a cloud video platform.





Twitch – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

A worldwide community that combines together after using this platform which provides video games, pop culture and conversation. Offers the feature of chatting with millions and lets you be a part of the show.

Provides live buzz of every show’d think of. Provides you to interact, explore and contribute as well.

If your business is into creating games, then Twitch is where you want to be active primarily.


6- MetaCafe

Metacafe – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

The best known biggest platform for presenting short-form videos. Provides a number of types of short-form videos from the world of movies, video games and TV music and sports.’

Provides innovative and creative solutions which helps your business to turn into an entertainment platform for engaging and making the customers and users stay longer and be persistent.



Vine – Video Creation and Marketing Tools

This mobile video platform is one of the fastest growing digital media content sites on the planet.

A recent statistic showed that nearly 100 million Vine clips are watched each month.

Vine users share over 8,000 videos every minute.

With this much usage and popularity companies and marketing strategies have decided to revive their procedures to attain customers.

This helped businesses grow as it attracted a lot of customers for creativity always is the soul of every business and startup.


All important and popular tools are mentioned above. Now it’s your interest and opinion that will make your business, marketing and brand much better.

Read all about them and gather the piece of intelligence you already have in you. Light up the candle of your work and let it shine through the market. Go on, make it viral because you know it’s best for you and your brand and it’s worth it. There are a number of tools out there all you need to do is try them and make them your play thing and your brand’s main thing.


SUMMARY – List of Video Creation Sharing and Marketing Tools


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