Will Your Emails go to Spam?

Will Your Emails go to Spam?

Imagine you’re sending emails out every day, and you consistently see an open rate of 50%. Not bad. Then one day, the open rate plummets to 20%. You start freaking out.

That was my best subject line!

This can’t be happening!

What’s going on? Well, it could be your emails are getting flagged. There could be many reasons your emails got flagged from blocked IP addresses to too many images. The tactic you need to know is which one, so you can optimize your emails to perfection.

There are few better feelings for a marketer than sending out emails knowing all the recipients will receive them. With G-Locks Apps, Mail Tester, and Litmus, you can make that happen. If you want to focus on outbound emails for early traction or building your email list, then these tools are a must:

G-Lock Apps enables you to test your transactional email templates on a recurring basis and get notified if your emails started getting into spam. Furthermore, G-Lock Apps checks your IP address against 50+ blacklists every 6 hours and sends an alert via email when any of the IPs got listed. Also, their API allows you to integrate spam testing tools into your own products and applications. This way you can test your emails at scale.

With Mail Tester, you’ll receive an overview of your email’s performance. It won’t provide you as much information as Litmus of G-Lock Apps, but it’s free. You’ll still have some strong signals to gauge your email optimization.

Litmus is the most advanced email optimization tool. If you rely on email marketing for most of your business, then it’s worth the investment.

The tool has a web-based editor to give you a preview of your email in over 50+ email clients to optimize for readability, checks links and images, and verifies your tracking works.

You also see where your subscriber opened and if they read, skimmed, or deleted your emails segmented by the device. If the average reader doesn’t skim down, then you might need to write better email copy. If people don’t respond well on mobile, then you might need to increase your font size. Take a look at their advanced email metrics:

With these three tools, there are no excuses for sending bad emails. Even a five percent increase in email open rates or scroll rate makes these tools worth it. Think of how much extra revenue that would equate to over a year. It’s time to start sending better email.

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