WordPress Tools and Plug-Ins

WordPress Tools and Plug-Ins


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) if it is to be said technically. In a non-technical way WordPress is a blogging system or a website management system.

It has features and tools for you to write the perfect blog you want or wish for.

The creative mind finds or does creativity in every field given or provided to them. This is a creative idea for the perfectionists and professionals who want to make a perfect website or blog for their websites.

A system with features for you to make pretty and informative content. For the first thing that attracts the customers or users is the presentation or the layout of your website or page. Then comes the content.

Both of these points are covered in WordPress for a blog that pays off and that is loved by everyone.

To make better look best we have WordPress tools for you as well as Plug Ins:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – It provides its services to everyone with their accounts on google.

It checks what is and isn’t working when the users click on your websites or contents. What happens when they view ads, emails, sales team or visit your sites.

It has introduced the Google Analytics 360 Suite which has set of integrated data and marketing analytics products for marketers.

It tracks and reports websites traffic. It is widely used over the net and shows information about the content and traffic sources.

It is very easy to install Google Analytics in WordPress

PRICING – It is a free tool.


2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO – WordPress Tools Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin is used to completely optimize the website and content of your website.

It helps you by providing every little detail that you need to optimize your site and rank it up on the SERPs.

It’s free and offers a good control over your content and website. You can control the number of keywords and the use of them. You can control the meta descriptions, images and even titles, sitemaps and a lot more.

It shows you the errors that you might face while working on it and also offers solutions for those issues.

It keeps you on the track by letting you know how much more you need to optimize it to reach the “good” level.

There are many tools which might provide what you want to optimize your site, but Yoast is the most used and popular one.




3. Edit Flow

EDIT FLOW – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – It is an open source software which helps in the work flow of the whole team of editors.

It shows you different solutions as to which way is the best way to edit your content on multi user level.

It allows you to add custom statuses, view editorial calendar, leave editorial feedback and execute your content strategy like a pro.

PRICING – For pricing you need to contact their sales team.


4. TablePress

TablePress – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – Tablepress provides you easy access to tables in your WordPress just like it’s name suggests.

It has the provision of tables without the use of any HTML or CSS code. You can simply edit table data in a spreadsheet-like interface.

It comes with features like sorting columns, exporting data, and using formulas in your tables.

Tables can be imported and exported from/to Excel, HTML, and JSON files.

PRICING – For pricing you need to contact their sales team.


5. Polldaddy

Polldaddy – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – Just like it’s name, it allows you to add polls and manage them. It also offers surveys and quizzes to your WordPress site.

All you need to do is to connect to your WordPress.com account to work on it.

You can choose your own custom style or the other ones that it offers to choose from to create polls. It allows to read polls or to keep them public/private whatever you want.

You can collect unlimited votes or create unlimited polls. The rating editor allows you to fully customize your rating. You can embed your polls on other websites.

There is a lot of things you can do with polls on your account.

PRICING – For pricing you need to contact their sales team.


6. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – Thirstyaffiliates is not only a tool to add affiliate links and manage them. To cloak links with pretty URLs, and auto-insert links for keywords but it is a tool designed for bloggers to make money.

Adding and managing affiliate links is a tough and time consuming task, this tool is the solution for it. It provides easy and fast solutions to affiliate links in you account.




7. After the Deadline

After The Deadline – WordPress Tool and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – It’s developed by Aautomattic. It is a tool which checks your WordPress posts for any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

It also checks for improvement of the readability of your posts by checking the style.

PRICING – For pricing you need to contact their sales team.


8. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – Beaver Builder is the page builder which allows you to create your own custom page design irrespective of the theme used.

It includes a page builder plugin and a framework theme. All of this is easy as it provides a drag and drop feature for it.

It has block like various basic and advanced modules to add functionalities. It saves time and gives power to the clients to manage their own edits.




9. OutreachPlus

OutreachPlus – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – OutreachPlus allows you to efficiently run email outreach campaigns for your business.

You can easily track and follow-up prospects and leads. It helps in connecting multiple emails and sends highly personalized emails to generate sales and traffic.

Using this tool you can connect with the existing contacts having meaningful conversations.

Helps in increasing traffic through link building, increase exposure through PR, improves retention/sales with partners or customers and builds authority and traffic through automation.






10. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads -WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – This tool helps working as the easiest way to sell goods with WordPress. You can sell anything digital ranging from eBooks to PDF files and a lot more.

It provides different features like

-allowing customers to purchase multiple downloads at once using the shopping cart system,

-distributing products with no limits defined.

-easily create discount codes to encourage customers to buy more.

-monitoring how users are downloading the files.






11. Constant Contact

Constant Contact – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – Constant Contact is one of the best email service provider. It makes contacting with customers easy and fun.

It is the best tool for beginners/small businesses. It sends emails that are presentable at a great level.

Sending good looking emails will not only attract the customers but it will drive traffic as well. This might lead to an increase of customers or users.







OptinMonster – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – OptinMonster is used to grow your email list and boost sales i.e increase leads and conversion rate.

It will help you get those subscribers you need and is known as the best WordPress lead generation plugin.

Offers you beautiful optin forms to add in your website.

It offers you different features like page level targeting, split testing, analytics, and exit-intent technology which allows you to display a lightbox popup when a user is about to leave your website.

It is assured that it can help you increase your email subscribers by 600%.




13. WPForms

WPForm – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – It is a drag and drop WordPress form builder. It is the best form builder for beginners.

What makes it user friendly and powerful is it’s features :

It offers drag and drop form builder which is easy to use without having to use any code.

It provides instant notification feature which responds immediately to the leads.

Saves a lot of time by providing it’s pre-built form templates.

Allows easy payments without the help of developers.





14. Canva

Canva – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – Canva provides you with professional looking graphics for your website.

It is extremely easy to use and is a great tool for beginners.

It allows you use the already present templates, let’s you add text images and change the color of the text/background.

Allows easy drag and drop option. Also allows you to create beautiful and creative graphic designs, edit images, create infographics or blog banners and a lot more.




PRICING(Pay Yearly, save 23%)



15. PiktoChart

PikToChart – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – Piktochart makes it possible for anyone to create beautiful infographics, charts, and presentations.

It’s easy to use design software with hundreds of templates. It even allows you to upload your own photos. A tool that helps you tell your story with the visual impact it deserves.

You can use the simple drag and drop interface to create any kind of infographic.





16. Google Drive

Google Drive – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – The most used and popular software which helps greatly in sharing documents, collaborating with teams and accessing your stuff from any device.

It is highly useful as it provides cloud storage service which lets you store your data and content.

It is very helpful as it saves every change you make in your files automatically and you can edit them anytime you want.

If you have an account then you can access your files/documents from any device.

You can share your documents with anyone you want to collaborate with, or you want them to read/write or edit the same time you’re working on it.

It comes with 15 GB free storage which is shared with your Gmail and Google+ accounts.





17. Boomerang

Boomerang – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – Boomerang helps you by letting you take control of the sending and receiving of messages.

It’s an easy email reminder as you can write an email now and can schedule it to send anytime you want automatically.

Boomerang is available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It is also available on mobile and android devices.




18. Trello

Trello – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – A web based project management application which helps you in organizing any size of project you want. It has boards in which you can add number of lists. Each list contains cards filled by the team members working together on a project.

You can even upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels and due dates. You can describe your work in the cards. Tell them what you are working on or what you have done.

Makes task management easy and doable. Invitation can be given to any number of people you want to add as members to your board.

Makes your personal work management is easy and you can also drag and drop people to cards to share tasks with them.




19. LastPass

LastPass – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – Passwords here and passwords there. Every thing is password oriented nowadays and to remember them is the main problem.

LastPass here is the solution if you are also having trouble in remembering all the passwords and keeping them safe.

It provides a strong password generator and also a vault for your passwords. A vault that is secured completely for you to store all the different passwords in one place.






20. Twitter Search

Twitter Search – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – The chatterbox of the internet where every one talks their heart out, or should I say comment.

Whatever it is, the hot new topic or news, everything is important for you. Your work is to engage the customers/users.

Use twitter to know what they are saying about your brand or website and get the basic idea of what they need or don’t need and work accordingly.

21. Google Search Console

Google Search Console – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – Also known as Google Webmaster Tools helps you in understand your customers/users.

Lets the owner of the website have a look at how the search engine goes through your website. You can look for the most visited and asked queries about your website so you can get the information.

Lets you have the tools and data required to create and maintain a google-friendly website or mobile applications.

Once you add your website in Search Console you can do the followings-

  • You can analyse the clicks on your website from google search.
  • You can test google, by checking if it really gets your content or not.
  • The good thing is you can be informed by alerts about the critical errors or issues.

PRICING – It is a free tool.


22. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – A tool that will help you find keywords for your content or description of channels or websites.

It lets you know about the maximum use of the keywords related to your content so you can use them in optimization. You can also find long-tail keywords with high search volume.

This easily helps you to rank your posts and content and lets you reach the right customers.

PRICING – It is a free tool.

Want to get the feedback good and easy, read Customer Feedback made easy: Feedback tools and survey tools.


23. Buffer

Buffer – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – The best way to share your content on social media? Buffer App is the way to do it.

It helps in managing your social media by scheduling your posts, analyzing the performance and managing all your social media accounts in one place.

Also lets you go through/plan your day’s tweets and updates in one go.

It’s like putting an alarm and the alarm working itself when the time comes. You can plan for your posts to be posted later any time and buffer will do it.

Just give it the schedule and it will manage and publish automatically and provides you with a dashboard with all you accounts. As we are here to acquire more customers or users read our post in detail Customer Acquisition Tools.


Buffer – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins



24. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


DESCRIPTION – All the bloggers out there, keep this tool for sure with you for it’s the main tool for you.

Helps you find the best content there is or could be for your work or even for your competitors.

You can find key influencers to promote your content, monitor your brandmentions, and so much more.




PRICING(Yearly_save 20%)



These are just a handful of tools from a thousand available ones. All you need is to try these and know which one works best for you and your brand.

Every tool is important for your business. WordPressTools will help you be creative and informative simultaneously. Not only will it attract customers to your websites and pages but also makes you popular in the market with your celebrity star blog of a blog.

Hope you find these ones helpful as they helped me a lot and worked wonders for me. Even if they don’t work wonders for you, they’ll definitely work thunders for you, bad or good let it work for work is the aim for all.

SUMMARY – WordPress Tools and Plug Ins


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