You don’t read too much if you haven’t ever heard of Brian Tracy.

1. You don’t read too much if you haven’t ever heard of Brian Tracy.

His ABC method is one of the best methods ever devised to get your work done easily and effectively.

A. A category consists of the most important tasks of all. These are the tasks you should do before even thinking about any other task.

so find the biggest, most important and the most powerful tasks that you have to do today.

These must be the tasks that should have serious consequences of not completing.

B. These are important tasks, but not as important as those of A.

These have to be done just after the category A tasks.

C. These are tasks that are not at all essential. These might be the tasks like having coffee with coworkers or doing some personal business during work hours

Now comes prioritizing the priorities.

Once you have made such a list, look for the tasks which are more important than other tasks in the lists.

Like for tasks in the A category, assign them priority, like A1, A2 and so on and do the same in other categories too.

The importance of this approach lies in the fact that you would have all your tasks done which require much more cognitive attention and a motivated you.

Even if you don’t have all those tasks done at that day, you will have most of the important tasks done, and that would be a huge relief.

2. The chain cross method is useful for getting things done, which are cumbersome and boring, and no matter how hard you try, you cant make them interesting at all.

So here chain of crosses comes in to play. Each day, when you have got your tasks completed, you mark a cross on today’s date on a paper calander.

Do this every day. In a couple of days, you will realize that you have got a chain of crosses going on.

Now all you need to do is to make sure that you don’t break the chain.

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